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Name: Berkeley
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 12
Location: CA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Berkeley, contact foster parent at: cayorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Berkeley
12/27/16 - Berkeley recently had a dental and feels much better now that his mouth is clean and fresh. We have found out that he has an enlarged heart and one kidney is not functioning properly, but he is a grandpa and with age comes issues. He is still a loving little old man.

12/20/16 - I just have to believe the old saying that "God doesn't make mistakes, so trust that when someone ends up in your past, they're there for a reason.Ē

Hi, my new name is Berkeley. New name, new start. I was brought to animal control picked up as a stray. No one came to claim me which made me sad, but my new foster mom and dad showed up to rescue me. God put my previous owners in my past and my new foster parents in my future. Iím a spiritual guy and trust his decisions. Seems things are already looking up for me since Iíve already been brought to the vet to address medical issues. Seems I donít have vision in my right eye due to an untreated ruptured ulcer. It doesnít hurt me now that itís cleaned up and no longer crusty. I also got my shots and a heartworm test. Seems God was looking out for me on the streets since I tested negative.

There are two other pups here at my foster home and one is playful so we have made friends ad play together. I get to sleep in the big bed with foster mom, foster dad and the other two furbabies. I donít have a mean bone in my body and will even share my food with the others if they walk over want to see if Iím eating something different from them. I absolutely love playing with toys and do not tear them up.

I currently wear a belly band so foster mom can teach me to go outside instead of inside. I do well when let out often enough. I do like being with my people and will jump up on the sofa to sit beside you and do not mind at all if you want to rub and love on me.

I will say that Iím not a huge fan of the baths, trimming, nail clipping, blow drying, etc. Just really was never focused on like that before, so it will take some time for me to get that cave man mentality out of my mind. So trips to the groomer may prove stressful for a while on everyone involved. Since I do like to ride in the car, the trip to the groomer will be fine. Lol

The vet estimated my age at 9 years, so like fine wine, Iíve aged to perfection. So, who out there wants to love a perfected, not-so-perfect man with a lot of love and devotion to give?

1/29/15 - BIO COMING SOON!
Berkeley's Donors:
Antoinette Lowery
Sandra Schad


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Name: Angus
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Weight: 14
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Angus, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Angus


10/26/17 - I like to compare myself to an eagle. When a rainstorm is coming, an eagle will fly to some high spot and wait for the winds to come. When the storm hits, it sets its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm. While the storm rages below, the eagle is soaring above it. The eagle does not escape the storm. It simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It rises on the winds that bring the storm.

This is how I see myself. I have definitely had storms in my life, but I choose to rise above them and set my mind and belief toward God and let his power lift me. My motto is ďIt is not the burdens of life that weigh us down, it is how we handle them.

WELL, NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, my name is Angus. Iím lucky in that Iím in a foster home with a rescue group that is trying to find me the right home that matches my needs and personality, but I have been ďwithout a last nameĒ for a while. I had a family before coming to YHR and I was very happy for long time. Well, mom and dad had a new baby and moved into a new house without a fenced yard. Mom was busy and couldnít give me enough attention then and I definitely could not be trusted not to run off if was let outside without a leash, hence me being at YHR. Also, before having that family, it seems I was with another family, in a shelter, with a rescue, and so on and so on.

Before I started thinking positively and putting my faith in God, I asked myself many nights, ďAm I really this unloveable to not have a permanent home?Ē Then I decided that it wasnít me, Iím a great guy, I just havenít found that great forever home yet, and all good things come to those who wait. So, I daily soar above the storm and bad thoughts and know that somewhere out there is my mom and dad. Parents that understand I am a super happy boy with endless energy and love for life. I run, I play, I swim, I hike.... you get the picture. Iím conveniently-sized, sturdily built, an athlete when needed and an elegant ballerina at other times. Since I can be rough at play, a home without younger children would be best. Anyway, I think itís about time that I can be the child and be put first.

I'm a very smart boy that is down for the activity, but at the end of the day, I'm the first one to want to snuggle and watch tv. And if you want to nap during the day, just say the word and Iím out like a light.

Iím really good in the potty department. An apartment or condo would not be for me, since I do have a loud bark and tend to use it at the dogs through the fence next door, when company comes, and at other stimulating times. I do calm down, but do get in stimulation mode at these times and it will take me a few minutes to bring the excitement level down. I know I would be perfect if not for these traits, but I donít care, I still soar and know someone will still love me.

Iím in a foster home with large dogs and cats and co-exist fine, but would really love being your one and only. Iím a clingy one that just needs that chance to fulfill your life in ways you could never imagine a pet could ever do.

Do you have a similar personality? Been looking for a companion with exactly my look and traits? Donít mind having a shadow follow you around and admire you non-stop? Then finish this sentence: This is my dog, Angus _______ (your last name). Thanks for listening.

10/10/17 - BIO COMING SOON!

11/22/16 - STOP RIGHT NOW! I know I am not the typical little yorkie you see on this website; but, I promise you I am a totally awesome pup! Please take the time to read about me:

12/1/15 - CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! I need a family that loves to have fun. I'm a super happy boy with endless energy and love for life. I run, I play, I swim, I hike...... you name it, I'm up for it. Iím conveniently-sized and sturdily built, yet also elegant and athletic. My hair is tad more wiry and I have a whiskery face with a wise expression. I would probably do well with older children, but not younger ones since I can get rough.

I'm a very smart boy who is down for the activity, but at the end of the day, I'm the first one to want to snuggle and watch tv. I can be stubborn at times and need socialization so as not to bring my suspicious/shy personality into play. I can get along with other family animals, but can also be bold and fiesty with them.

How 'bout giving me a chance to fulfill your life in ways you could never imagine a pet could ever do. I promise we can have a blast together.

3/11/14 - Angus has been in his foster home since the first of November now and we are being able to tell a little bit more about his personality and what home would work best for him. We do know that he has a lot of energy and would need a large fenced yard. It also would help if the new owner is into exercise themselves and could bring Angus for daily walks or even to the dog park. He also loves to swim! Check out his video! He is a young pup who is very smart and needs an outlet for all that energy.

We are seeing that he would do best in a home with no small children and would probably be better with no small dogs. He is very strong for his size and sometimes when his little mind gets in overdrive he can run and bowl a small one (human or canine) over without meaning to. Cats would definitely be a no-no since Angus would just see them as fun prey.

We assume that a home with a larger dog would be a fit since Angus does love to play and could have a playmate without being too rough with it. A submissive larger dog would be better since Angus likes to think at times that he has a Napoleon syndrome.

On the flip side, Angus is a very sweet young man, that so wants a home of his own where he has a mom/dad to love him and let him sit in their laps and give him belly rubs. He loves attention and doesnít mind giving it back. He is such a lover and very, very smart. He even tries to help with the laundry and other household chores. He is a fun, loving, smart and adorable guy who would bring someone a great deal of pleasure and entertainment. He just needs the correct home where he can blossom and be all that he can be.

11/5/13 - Angusís previous mom felt it very difficult to surrender him; but with a baby and no fence for Angus to run in and get out his energy, she felt she wasnít giving him all he needed. So she unselfishly reached out for YHR to take him in.

Angus is now in a foster home with other pups and has yet to try to play with any of them. He is very clingy with his foster mom currently and we are sure he is just afraid of being abandoned again. He has only been with us less than a week and his personality will come out and blossom in the next few weeks and then we will be able to tell the true Angus. He has the cutest under bite that gives him such an adorable look.

Information we can give that was provided by his previous family:

Angus is a very affectionate young man who loves to cuddle and be in your lap. He loves to sleep with his humans and on cold nights likes to be under the covers. He loves to be massaged and petted and gets so comfortable he will just lay there as long as you will rub him. Once he is comfortable with his people, you canít hold back his licker. He loves to give kisses.

Angus is a very smart baby and learns routine pretty quickly if it is a stable and consistent routine. He is shy when meeting new people, but comes around when he feels secure. He loves playing with toys (although this has not started yet in his foster home, we canít wait until he feels secure enough to go get a toy and play).

He loves to go for rides. He is typical yorkie and loves to help with the laundry (will grab a piece going from the washer to dryer if dropped and wants to play tug-o-war) and follows his humans EVERYWHERE.

Here is the funny thing. Angus loves to swim, but isnít overly fond of a bath. He loves to go for walks, but is such an adventurous young man and pulls on the leash, so will need a secure harness and lead at all times.

Angus is longing for love and attention from his humans and has so much of the same to give in return. You will not regret applying for this baby boy as he is playful, happy, loving, attentive, and has such a great personality and zest for life.

11/4/2013 - BIO COMING SOON!

Angus's Donors:
Michael Davis
Marta DelgadoKaren Walker

Pictures Videos
Name: Dolce
Gender: Male
Age: 1.5
Weight: 9.4
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $400

For more information on Dolce, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Dolce
Dolce is considered special needs in that he has a condition called Mega Esophagus. He is fine in every other area except for eating where he has to be in an upright position to eat/drink. Please read up on this condition if you are interested in him.

8/12/17 - Are you having empty nest syndrome? Do you miss the pitter patter of little feet? Are you longing to take care of someone? Well, look no further, Dolce is just the baby you have been looking for. Dolce started off his young life being bought from a breeder as a gift. You should never surprise someone with something so important because if they arenít in on the decision, what happened to Dolce is usually the outcome. He was given up to someone who in turn gave him up again. And, he was not treated very nice at one of the homes he was in.

Thankfully his next move was to a very animal loving lady who is now fostering him and getting him the correct medical attention which he desperately needed. After each meal and after drinking, he would throw up almost immediately. He has now been to the specialist and turns out poor Dolce has an incurable medical condition called Mega Esophagus. This is a condition where the esophagus (the muscular tube connecting the throat to the stomach) is enlarged and results in decreased to absent motility which is required for moving food and liquid down to the stomach. Even though this is a condition that Dolce will always have, the major goal of therapy is to treat the underlying cause. This means a different feeding technique to prevent regurgitation. Mega Esophagus dogs need to be kept in an upright position for 20 minutes after eating or drinking, and both food and water bowls need to be elevated (45 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) from the floor. His foster mom is proud to say that he has not had any throwing up episodes since his new high chair was put into effect.

His foster mom has it down pat. She has a high chair (you can also google Mega Esophagus to see eating positions) that Dolce gladly sits in in the upright position to eat and drink (a video of Dolce eating can be seen by clicking the video link). Like a baby, he enjoys taking a post meal nap and will nap in his high chair or in your lap sitting upright or a pet sling. He is quite used to his unusual eating and drinking regimen and is taking it all in as his glass is half full.

Dolce bonds hard to his humans and wants to be everywhere you are. He is generous with kisses and definitely has the terrier energy. He's a young fellow who enjoys playing with toys, but mostly he loves to play with his dog beds. He carries them all over the house and loves to play tug of war with them! He wouldnít mind a fursister or brother, but would also be fine being the only one in the nest.

Because of his abusive past, Dolce is weary of being grabbed and will sometimes cower when you go to pet him but he doesn't let that stop him from being loved. He will not be able to be crated because he was hit and locked in a crate previously so he is deathly afraid of this and doesnít need to see a crate every again. He does well free roaming as long as there are no trashcans he can get into. He also potties outside 90% of the time, but has a few accidents now and then when he simply can't hold it. He does not mind wearing his belly band to prevent him from marking.

Dolce can jump. He is very springy and can easily jump on a chair or the sofa and then to another piece of furniture.

So, if Mr. Dolceís condition and unusual eating needs do not scare you off from this adorable face and you truly are missing the pitter patter of little feet, you would be very lucky (and would Dolce) to have this baby in your life. What you give him to keep his life happy and normal is given back three-fold in so many ways. Looking into his eyes and holding him as he lays his head on your shoulder is the best feeling ever. Adopting Dolce would truly be a ďrescueĒ. But he has a way of rescuing those he comes into contact with as well showing that his glass is half full.

7/21/17 - BIO COMING SOON!
Dolce's Donors:
Chad Phillips
Connie Goetz

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Fancy
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Weight: 5.2
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Fancy, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Fancy

1/15/18 - My name is Fancy, yes, Fancy. Rumor has it that I do not have a family of my own. Can you believe that? Iím approximately 10 years old and do not have a family. I am also heartworm positive, have horrible teeth and was not spayed. Wow, someone really did not take care of me. I truly donít know what I did to be treated so badly, but Iím not going to let that get me down, because my new life starts now and it is going to be FANTASTIC!! 2018 is Fancyís year!

Lucky for me my foster mom scooped me out of the shelter I was turned into and brought me home to get me healthy and ready to meet my new family. I started my first round of heartworm treatment at the beginning of the year and it should take about 2 months to complete. Then we will fix it to where I will not have anymore babies. Time to be the baby. Then for some pearly whites. Wow, itís like Iíve been chosen for one of those reality shows where they get you healthy and happy and confident.

Iím in a foster home with other pups and Iím fine around them and playful, but can be dominate if there is another dominate dog in the home. This brings out the alpha in me. I may be small, but I do not take any crap. I sleep in bed with my foster parents and the other dogs and I like to be touching my human. I am a social butterfly and love all people and will sit next to or on the lap of whoever is sitting down. And although I donít have to be held, I will not whine if you want to hold me. teehee I also like belly rubs. I like to play with toys, the small, squeaky kind.

Iím doing well with potty training and will use potty pads inside, but still have the occasional accident. When outside, Iím not really interested in the grass and tend to want to do my business on the concrete and come right back in. Iím not much of a kisser like the yorkies that I see here in my foster home and Iím not as clingy as some of them. I have a playful personality and a mind of my own. Iíve even heard foster mom use the word spitfire and just know that she was speaking about me.

Foster mom says that I am a gem and that whoever adopts me is going to be very lucky. I feel the same way. Like I said, 2018 is my year and I am done with being treated bad. I want a home that respects me and wants a member of the family, a pet. Iíve spent about 10 years too long not demanding what I want and look where it got me. So, look out, Fancyís accepting applications!

12/28/17 - BIO COMING SOON!
Fancy's Donors:
Vicki Dykes
Valerie EngelDeborah PeliasRenee Gibbs
Susan EllisonRachelle HeinerNancy Leicht

Name: Kobe
Gender: Male
Age: 10.5
Weight: 11.4
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Kobe, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Kobe
1/14/18 - I was born July 7, 2007. True to the Cancer zodiac sign, I have always naturally been in tune with my feelings and the feelings of those around me. I carry a positive friendly aura and settle well in most environments and relationships. I am very loyal and care very deeply about matters of family. This is exactly why I did not understand why after my human mom passed away, the family put me and my siblings outside to live in the backyard. This is a time when family pulls together, but apparently they did not get the memo. Thank goodness another family member scooped me up and called Yorkie Haven Rescue, so, here I am at 10.5 years old, starting over and looking for love again.

I am settling in quite nicely at my foster home. Foster mom & dad have two other furbabies and for the most part, we seem to do ok. I have to admit, I would love to be an only pet since I absolutely adore being adored and want all the attention and do get jealous. Lol, I want to be with my human all the time where ever they are. I donít start anything with the other pups, but know how to take up for myself should the need arise.

It seems the one thing my previous family knew how to do was feed me, so Iím a tad overweight. Iím on a diet now and even though this doesnít please me, Iím fine knowing that it will be better for me and my knees. I love all people and am very social with humans. I do seem to pick one person in the home to get the most attached to though. I sleep in bed with my foster parents and snuggle between foster mom and dad and it is sooo nice!

Iím doing well in the potty department, but will probably have accidents at first when I move again. Even though Iím old and a little wider than tall, I really enjoy going for a walk. If you so much as pick up the leash, Iím ready and waiting. I like to sit with and by my humans all the time. I do need help getting up and down since I donít jump so well. I tend to lose control of my licker at times. Ha Ha! I love giving kisses and, at times, will just take to licking your hand or leg if we are just sitting watching television. Itís a yorkie thing. Iím not a huge barker, but will speak if I hear something that alerts or bothers me. I have the first signs of cataracts, but see quite well.

I seem to be pretty good with all household noises except the vacuum cleaner. I try to make this a game and like to attack it. Since I need to keep the teeth I have, it might be best to put me in another room when vacuuming.

Even though I fall in love very easily with my humans, do not mistake that for me not darting out of a door if you open it without picking me up or putting me up first. I tend to have a little explorer in me and I will go explore. That being said, small children in the home with a lot of activity would not be a good idea. I also get underfoot a lot, so a human not so stable on their feet would not be a good idea either.

RECAP: I need new parents; I am very clingy; I sleep well at night; I eat well; Iíd really enjoy being an only dog or with another that doesnít need a lot of attention; I get underfoot; I am very sweet and love all humans, and I need new parents. I know I said that twice, but it is actually the most important part. So, look at this face, fall in love and apply for me! Please!

12/28/17 - BIO COMING SOON!
Kobe's Donors:
Vicki Dykes

Name: Mocha
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Weight: 8.9
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Mocha, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Mocha
7/14/16 - Mocha came to YHR when his previous family had to take in a family memberís children and Mocha and the children did not see eye to eye. They wanted to aggravate Mocha and he wanted to bite them. So away Mocha went. He has been with YHR since September of 2012 and reason being is that he has a special personality. He gets along with other dogs, but does have a little alpha side to him when challenged. So being an only pup for him would be great too. He likes playing with toys and loves running and chasing squirrels in the back yard.

Mochaís special personality: He is a bit quirky and deep down has a lot of insecurities that make him difficult at times. He is a fear responder. If he is in a situation where he seems to feel fear, he will bite and has done so on several occasions. Seasoned dog owners understand this and look for body language and just make sure that dogs such as Mocha arenít put in a position that would cause him to be uncomfortable. He truly needs a non-active, calm home where someone can sense his ďcujoĒ coming on when it does. Despite how this makes him sound, he is the sweetest, most loveable, most appreciative handful anyone could every want. Humans have personality quirks too, but everyone deserves the chance to be all they can be. Mocha is truly great. He just went through a lot being given up by his first owners and we think that set the precedent for Mochaís future aggression and need for consistency. Once you learn his personality and shortcomings, owning and loving him really isnít any different than any other pup.

11/11/14 - Mocha wanted to update everyone since it has been a while since his first posting. Mocha is a very sweet little guy who loves attention from his humans and would do great as an only pup. He co-exists fine with the other pups in his home, and is actually submissive, but if challenged, will stand his ground. Mocha can be misunderstood easily since he his personality can sometimes be a bit quirky. Once you learn his personality and shortcomings, owning and loving him really isnít any different than any other pup.

Mocha has some insecurities that make him sometimes come off as a bully. He is what we would most likely call a fear responder. If he is in a situation where he seems to feel fear, he will nip/bite. Seasoned dog owners understand this and look for body language and just make sure that dogs such as Mocha arenít put in a position that would cause him to be uncomfortable. Such as, we know he doesnít like children, so he will need a home that does not have children visit often. Even though Mocha loves people, he is not his loveable self in an active household or for holidays where multiple people visit. It sends his little mind into overload. So, we are looking for a quiet household where Mocha can enjoy the retirement life and not have people in and out of the house at all times. His foster parents do not put him in this predicament and if they have multiple people coming over, they put Mocha in another room until the house is settled.

I know a lot of this makes Mocha sound like a handful, but this is the sweetest, most loveable, most appreciative handful anyone could every want. Humans have personality quirks too, but everyone deserves the chance to be all they can be. Mocha is truly great. He just went through a lot being given up by his first owners and we think that set the precedent for Mochaís future and need for consistency.

He gives as much love as he gets and just needs the chance to be able to be loved unconditionally and without hesitation.

9/13/12 - I used to have a mom and dad and we had a very nice life together. I was loved, I was spoiled and then WHAM, it all came to a crashing end. Mom and dad had to take in a family members children and it seems that I am NOT a fan of children. So, seems I was asked to leave. I'm so sad, I wish I could have come to terms with my dislike for kids, but I couldn't and the house wasn't big enough for all of us.

I am now in a foster home waiting to find another mom and dad to love me. Please don't take this thought to adopt lightly because you don't know how hard it is for us pups to be uprooted. We can't speak, but we definitely hurt and have feelings.

Foster mom and dad say that I am doing well, but can tell that I have been wounded by losing my previous parents since I am so wanting their love and affection. I love being with my humans and would honestly be perfectly fine if it were just I and my parents. Other furbabies will be fine, but I really don't "play" with them much. I have tried to show my alpha side with the other male in my foster home, but foster mom thinks it is just because I'm not sure where I fit in the pack and am still trying to figure that out. Since we all sleep in the human bed, when we first get in bed, there are some cross words between he and I, but we quiet down quickly.

I love playing with squeaky toys and sitting in your lap or next to you on the sofa. My foster mom says although I'm very masculine, I have "precious, soft feet", 'cause they don't hurt her like some pup's feet do. I also LOVE giving kisses. Sometimes a little too much. WHO SAID THAT? I need a calmer household where my parents are confident in their role so I don't have to feel as if I need to rule the roost. I would really love it if somebody could be home with me most of the time. I'm working on my potty training here, and tinkle outside very well each time. I just sometimes forgot to complete my job and come back in and go no. 2. My life was turned upside down, so with consistency, I know I'll get better. I'm ok on a leash and would get better with time, but would prefer a fenced back yard to chase the squirrels and do business in.

I guess I'll wrap it up for now. It's raining here in Texas right now and 2 of the other pups are scared of the weather. Not me, I just want to take a nap by foster mom/dad, enjoy the company and dream about my new parents adopting me.

9/10/12 - BIO COMING SOON!
Mocha's Donors:
Robin Porter
Robin Porter

Name: Tiny
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Weight: 7
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $300

For more information on Tiny, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Tiny
4/25/17 (BIO UPDATE): Tiny has been on the move. His foster mom is moving, so he came to another YHR foster home in Louisiana. He took the move and new surroundings great. Just a recap on him: Tinyís previous owner could not take care of him any longer, so her daughter brought him to the nearest vet to see if they could help. A foster for Yorkie Haven Rescue used that vetís office, so they gave her a call and we took Tiny in.

Tinyís teeth were never taken care of, so the ones he had left had to be extracted and he is now a toothless wonder with an adorable tongue that hangs out the side of his mouth. He still eats like a champ and we mix soft food with hard and add some water for flavor.

He is a social butterfly and LOVES ALL PEOPLE. He follows his foster mom everywhere. When she canít find him, heíll be at the front door laying in one of the dog beds looking out and getting his vitamin D. Tiny would love nothing more than to be held and carried around. He will bark if he hears something that needs your attention, but is not obsessive about it. He does fine in a home with other dogs co-existing and would do ok with cats too. He has very springy legs and can jump like a deer. Actually, he looks like a little deer with his long spindly legs.

Tiny sleeps under the covers all night. He is quite the little gentlemen and would be a great baby for any family. He absolutely thinks his glass is Ĺ full and we know there is someone out there for Tiny. Is that you?

8/14/16 - Tiny was surrendered to Yorkie Haven Rescue when his owner went into a depression over losing another one of her yorkies. She was so distraught over losing that dog that she put Tiny out on the street. Yes, out on the street. Her daughter came to Tiny's rescue and called around to vet's offices until she found one that would take him. Then they contacted one of our members. He has been in his foster home a while now and seems to be doing really well. He is a playful little tyke and loves to play tug-o-war with soft toys. He would love to sleep with his humans, but is also fine to share a dog bed with another dog in the home or one by himself.

He eats like a champ, but doesn't have any teeth. They weren't taken care of and the ones he had had to be extracted when we got him. He still enjoys scarfing down hard food, but would do great with soft or soft mixed with hard.

He is a social butterfly and loves all people. Is very clingy with his foster mom. He does pretty well with using potty pads, but will go outside as well. He absolutely loves to be in a lap. He will bark if need be, but isn't excessive with it. He is very springy and can jump like a deer.

We know someone out there is looking for this perfect little gentlemen to add to their home. He will do best with someone who stays home as he has a little anxiety with being left. Not severe, but will cry and bark upon you exiting, so someone wouldn't need to be gone for long work hours.

7/31/16 - BIO COMING SOON!
Tiny's Donors:
Vicki Dykes
Vicki DykesVicki Dykes

North Carolina

Name: Bubbles
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Weight: 7
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Bubbles, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Bubbles
7/5/16 Ė Bubbles is still feisty as ever. She loves to play with her foster brothers, she just isnít so sure about humans sometimes. She can be so happy and friendly with people and want attention and then all of the sudden becomes insecure and scared and snaps. Being on her prescription food and Pepcid has taken care of all her tummy issues and she seems a bit happier now too. She is prone to bite more when she is not feeling well, which is understandable since people get cranky when they do not feel good too. She needs a home that can understand her fears and handle them and it would be great if there was another dog about her size and age to play with too.

5/4/15 - Bubbles recently had some medical issues and spent a good bit of time at the vet, but after several tests it was found that she has irritable bowel disorder. She is on Prednisone, Pepcid, Anti-Nausea medicine and a prescription diet. Thankfully this has solved her throwing up and diarrhea and she is back to her happy loving self. Although she can be happy and loving and very playful, she does have the other side of her where she has bitten. When she loses her self confidence and becomes unsure of the situation she has bitten and has drawn blood. Her foster parents have learned to read her behaviors to know when this may happen and have worked around it. She does better one on one with people instead of having multiple people giving her attention. She does love belly rubs, playing with people and other pups, and exploring the back yard. She absolutely loves her prescription diet and tells you when you are not getting it done fast enough for her. Bubbles would do best in a home with young pups, no children, and people who understand her personality quarks and can let her grow and learn in a safe environment and do not mind the occasional snap when she becomes unsure of the situation or unsure of herself.

5/22/2014 - Bubbles loves chilling in a nice comfy bed or on the couch, running around the yard with the other pups yelling at the neighbor dogs, and on occasion plays with other pups in her foster home. She is an excellent eater and likes to chew on bones. She is a very loving and happy little girl. At times she gets a bit of an attitude and wants to only do what she wants to do and does not hesitate to let you know.

12/24/2013 - My story is the story of ďThe Princess to The PauperĒ

In my previous life, I was the only furchild of a single, elderly lady who loved me unconditionally. We did everything togetherÖwent to the post office, watched tv, ate dinner and slept in the bed! When my Mom passed away, I was given to her daughter and grandson to live. This is where things got a little tricky.

I had become so accustomed to my simple-spoiled life that I had a hard time adjusting. I just didnít like all the commotion associated with young people coming and going in and out of the house. I was afraid and wanted my simple, quiet, spoiled rotten life backÖas one can understand.
After two months, I was given up on, thrown out and taken to the local animal shelter. So as you can see, I went from ďThe Princess to The PauperĒ.
Things got much worse for me at the shelter because I was put into a single 4x6 room with concrete floors and cylinder block walls. I was terrified, so terrified in fact that I growled at the animal control officers and would try to bite them. They labeled me ďDevil DogĒ.

Thank goodness Yorkie Haven Rescue learned of my terrible situation and came to rescue me. I was given to my Foster Mommy in a crate and driven straight to my Foster home. Foster Mommy took me outside and let me out of my crate. I jumped straight in her lap, tail wagging, and placed a big ole wet kiss right on her nose!

Foster Mommy says I am a good girl, very loyal and protective. She also calls me an alpha female, whatever that means! I went to the dogtor the next day and had a perfectly clean bill of health. The next day we were off to the groomer to get a nice bath and haircut. Whew! I feel like a new woman!!!
In my Foster home there are two other female yorkies and a 2 year old human child, all three of which I am NOT A FAN! I would prefer to be the only baby in the house...that means no other doggies or children to take away from my attention.

If you are looking for a lifelong, loyal, lapdog- I am the girl for you!

Sending you tail wags and kisses!
Bubbles's Donors:
Judith Dennison

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Name: Dallas
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Weight: 5
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Dallas, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Dallas
7/5/16 Ė Big D, as his foster parents call him, still has a big personality. He does not realize he is in such a small little body. He still prefers people over dogs, but has been known to play with a few of his foster siblings occasionally and only as long as he is OK with it. If they do something he does not like, he lets them know immediately. He is pretty chill most of the time just hanging out and sleeping either in a bed on the floor, on your lap on the couch, next to you on the couch, or in bed with his foster parents at night. He is still just on thyroid medication and doing well on it. His bottom jaw is pretty much gone now, but he does well eating hard food and it does take him a bit longer to drink enough water to satisfy him. Soft food is just too hard for him to try and eat without a bottom jaw. He cannot pick it up and then it gets all full of drool from him trying to eat it which is why hard food works the best for him. He can be such a sweet and loving boy. He still needs a family that can understand he will likely never be fully housetrained, one that can understand his personality quarks in that he only wants to be pet and loved on under his terms, and one that if they have dogs they are younger and submissive and can handle his big personality.

5/4/15 - Dallas is still his big bold self that thinks he can take on any other pup regardless of size or the number of teeth they have. He still LOVES people and attention unless you accidentally pull a hair and then he is letting you know how big and bad he is too. With his jaw continuing to deteriorate, it has become a little more challenging for him to eat and drink, but he manages well. He is still on his thyroid medicine and is doing well.

5/22/2014 - Dallas is still a feisty little man. Even though he barely has a bottom jaw and no teeth, he still tries to take on any pup that irritates him or looks at him the wrong way. He does occasionally play with other pups in his foster home which only last until he gets upset, but much prefers people over pups. Health wise he is just on thyroid medication and doing well. Because he really doesnít have a bottom jaw left due to not having his teeth taken care of and it therefore has deteriorated, he tends to drool a lot and takes longer to eat and drink, but does well.

9/9/13 - Dallas recently went in for his yearly checkup and in doing so we discovered that Dallas has developed hypo thyroid and is currently on medication that is working well. He has also had some allergy issues, so we put him on some meds for a short time to help alleviate some of his itching. Other than thyroid and allergy issues, he is doing well. He would love nothing more than to be the only pup in a home to receive all your love and attention.

11/14/12 Ė Dallas has only had surgery on one of his knees at this point. The dogtor felt it would be best to do one knee at a time given how bad his knees are. We havenít yet scheduled surgery for his other knee, but he will have it done soon. The knee that was done is healing well and he is finally back to bossing the other kids around outside of the crate. He is still the little love bug that wants all your attention too. He is definitely one that would love to be a permanent lap dog if he could!

8/20/12 Ė Howdy everyone! I came all the way to North Carolina from Dallas, Texas, which is where I got my name! I might be little, but I definitely have a BIG personality. They do say everything is big in Texas! Unfortunately the people that first owned me did not take care of my teeth, so my lower jaw has deteriorated a lot and I tend to drool because of it. But on the bright side, I do not have any teeth and will never need another dental as long as I live! I love to try and give kisses too, but it can be a little difficult for me to find you with my tongue sometimes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE people and all the attention I can get. Because I love people so much, I usually do not like it when other pups come around and want attention too because I need to be the center of attention from my people. I wish they would understand that and stay away. I try and tell them, but they do not listen. I can be quite the little snuggler and burrow under the covers to sleep at night. Like so many other yorkies, I have very bad knees and walk a little different because of them and have had some issues recently where I did something to make them hurt. When I went in to have the few teeth I had left removed, the dogtor x-rayed my knees and said I am actually a good candidate for surgery and I do not have much arthritis at this point which makes it good timing to fix them before it does set in. I am not sure how all that is going to go though because I am not a fan of being crated and I heard through the grapevine that you have to be crated after surgery for a little while. Well, I need to get back to letting the other pups know they need to stay away from my foster parents!

August 14, 2012 - BIO COMING SOON!
Dallas's Donors:
Amy Thompson
Lissette RodriguezMargaret Gregory Stephen Ridgill
Nancy LeichtLissette Rodriguez


Name: Charley
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Weight: 8.5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $300

For more information on Charley, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Charley
10/18/17 -
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
And so on and so onÖ..
Alright enough with the mushiness, you want to adopt me or what?

Hi, my name is Charlie and I have just entered a dog rescue program and am looking for a new home. My previous owner was sick and could not take care of me any longer so this nice lady with YHR came and scooped me up. She says that I am a sweet baby and she is right!

I visited the vet recently and had my shots, heartworm test (Iím negative) and my teeth cleaned. The vet said my mouth was awful. Nothing like sugar coating it, huh? Anyway, seems while he was in there cleaning, I had to have 20 teeth pulled. Still have a lot left though.

Iím capable of jumping on the sofa by myself, but if allowed to sleep in the bed with my new mom and/or dad, Iíll need to be picked up. I am learning to receive a lot of attention and love. I enjoy sitting next to foster mom (but not on the lap) and will let her know when I want more attention. I will put my paw on your hand for some extra loving.

The foster home Iím in has two other dogs, and Iím getting to know them, but they are older and a little cranky, so we donít play. I do, however, like to play fetch with foster mom and love to hear the toys squeak.

I have a deep bark. Just thought Iíd throw that out there since it kind of takes you by surprise the first time you hear it. So prowlers beware, thereís a Doberman in this house.

Iím currently wearing a belly band, a diaper for dogs, but, the accidents are less frequent. I only wear the belly band when foster mom leaves the house. If I need to go out, I will let you know as the doberman voice comes out. Iím also a little too interested with open doors, so Iíll need to be picked up if the pizza man is delivering.

Foster mom is totally smitten with me and sees the great little man I am. Itís hard uprooting after 7 years, but Iím resilient and ready to find my new family. Just make sure you are ready to spoil me and love me unconditionally because Iíve overheard foster mom talking and it seems to be a pre-requisite.

Iíve given you a lot to think about. Look at my pictures, read my bio, a couple of times if you need to, send my foster mom any questions you may have and if you think that you and I would be something special, fill out the online adoption application. Foster mom says they consider them all, but will only choose my soulmate family. Good Luck!
Charley's Donors:
Vicki Dykes

Name: Charlie
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 7.8
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $175

For more information on Charlie, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Charlie
8/21/16 - Charlie does not let the fact his teeth are gone prevent him from enjoying his food. Eating is the highlight of his day. He's a very vocal boy when it is time to eat. His demands are few....as long as his tummy is full, he's a happy boy. He is not much into being held. He will enjoy it for a few minutes, but then he wants to get down and be left alone. Charlie gets along with his foster siblings ... just sniffs them and checks them out and then walks away. He really is a very low key, low maintenance pup. Perhaps in his own home he will learn to enjoy being held more....we get the feeling it isn't something he ever got used to.

2/16/2016 - Charlie is doing very well in his foster home. He went to the specialist yesterday and had his sutures removed. He is healing nicely. He was seen by the vet dentist/specialist and is scheduled for a dental on March 2. His teeth are in pretty rough shape...we don't think he will have any left;but won't know for sure until the dental is done as xrays will be done at that time.

2/3/16 - Charlie is beginning to show improvement! His IV's have been discontinued and his blood sugar is stable. Surgery will be checking on him tomorrow...the hope is that the drain will be removed. His surgery site looks to be healing well.
He does still have a feeding tube, but he is starting to eat a little bit with some coaxing.
He is more steady on his feet now!
They are looking at a possible discharge on Friday. He will more than likely be discharged with the feeding tube in...and if he eats well over that weekend, it may be removed the following Monday.
Thank you for all of your sweet words, thoughts and prayers and donations. We are all so happy that Charlie has done so well. This is something we could not do without all of the wonderful supporters we have!!! We can now love Charlie the way he always deserved to be loved.

2/1/16 - Charlie had to have a feeding tube placed today because he will not eat and he does need nutrition in order to heal. The infection seems to be lessening...and his incision looks ok today. We are hopeful that once he is being fed, his recovery time will be quicker!

1.31.16 - There isn't much to report tonight. Charlie is still ill and has a long way to go, but is currently stable. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, donations and prayers!

1/30/2016 - 11:30PM - Charlie had surgery tonight to explore his wounds and debride them.. The surgeon called at 10 PM to let us know how things went. Poor Charlie had a very large area of necrosis on his neck. For now, it is closed up with a drain in it; but if the infection continues, he will lose more skin/tissue and that could present some real problems in terms of closing the wound. His antibiotics are being changed to something stronger until we get his infection under control. He will remain in ICU until he is physically stable and then would be moved to the surgery unit. He really needs prayers and we still have not met our goal for him financially. It is entirely possible his bill will rise...he now has bills with the Internal Med service and one for Surgical. If you can spare a cup of coffee for Charlie it would be so appreciated...dollars add up! Thank you everyone for your good thoughts, prayers and donations over the past 24 hours.

1.30/2016 - Charlie update! First of all, many thanks all of you who have donated towards his care! We could not continue to save babies like Charlie without all of you!
Charlie is stable this morning, but of course, still very ill. They had a surgical consult done on him late yesterday and the surgeon said that his wounds need to be surgically explored. In cases like this, what you see on the surface is usually just the "tip of the iceberg" so to speak. The internal med vet will speak with the specialist today to come up with a plan. They need to decide if this can be done now, or if he needs to be more stable for them to anesthetize him.

1/29/2016 - Charlie was found in a yard yesterday and taken to a shelter.We were notified of him this morning and picked him up from the shelter. He has multiple bite wounds, bruised, shocky, He has what appears to be road rash on feet and rear and a very swollen neck. Dehydrated. Blood sugar very low. Our vet checked him thoroughly and referred him to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston where he has been admitted to ICU.

Charlie is in critical (but stable for now) condition. His blood sugar and blood pressure are unstable. He may have some underlying health issues and he is being evaluated for that. He is on IV fluids and antibiotics. We will update as we hear more about him .. and about his testing.

Donations greatly needed and appreciated. His estimate through tomorrow is between $2,300 and $3,000

Charlie's Donors:
Vicki Konikson
Dr S B GooljarJudith Graham BurgessCarla & Yazmin Chamberlain
Rachelle HeinerStacy SavageNancy Leicht
Ann BrierTheresa McCauleySharon Davis
Chanin GreenDonna MooreLinda Katzenstein
Sharon DeesMercy RockBrenda Van Valen
Ai Min HungStephanie, Penny & Molly GrizzleJennifer Carnahan
William PerdueSharon DeesChelsea Moore
Phyllis BarrettKatie RosebraughCandace Price
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Randy & Terri WayMarcella StrubSira Pineiro
Nancy MeinershagenCynthia McNeilKristin Owen
Nora SuddarthDiane FanelleLisa Bridgwater
Patricia & Nuri Gonzalez-PowellDiana MikatarianSheryl Martin
Elke FriedleinKanita LarkinsCynthia Strickland
Lisa EdwardsLynne TurnerVicki Dykes
Lauren LealSusan BurdDiane & Bailey Smith
Sharon MedinaNancy LeichtDonna Hoblack
Cynthia McNeilDenise BeyerCarolyn Tapp
Stephen RidgillSusan GreenMariko Hernandez

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Name: Daisy
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Weight: 8.75
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Daisy, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Daisy
1/24/17 - Daisy just got back from an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to see how all was going with her leg. He said that she is ďhealed and ready to goĒ. So...... she trotted right home and packed her bags. Wow, talk about wanting a new family. Lol

As you have likely read, Daisyís leg was such in the beginning that we did not even think it could be fixed. But, much to our amazement, she does not have that pretzel of a leg any longer. The surgical procedure that had to be done to untwist it, has resulted in that leg being shorter than her other back leg. She has the stealth look of a GSD with the low back. The best part is that she can use the leg now and can scratch the itches she couldnít scratch before. When running, she chooses to lift it. We assume this is habit from so many years of not being able to use it. But, if just walking, she uses all four.

Daisy LOVES to play fetch and will do so all day. Her motto, ďIf you have the time, I have the stamina.Ē And latex squeaky balls are her ďfetch of choiceĒ.

She can be quite the diva with other pups, so being an only pup in the house would be ideal so as not to have any spats.

She will use pee pads, and almost always gets Ĺ on the pad, lol. She also goes outside each time she is brought.

She likes to sleep in bed with her people, rides well in a car, is a hearty eater and, as you can see by her photos, will be the prettiest daughter anyone could ever have.

So, with all this being said, Daisy is fixing to get her teeth cleaned and then she will truly be ďready to goĒ. Please look at this pretty face, look past her flaws and give this baby a chance at a life that she obviously did not have to start off. She prays for a family every night. Who will make her prayers come true?

12/5/2016 - Daisy has been on a prescription diet and is doing well. There have been no GI flare ups. Her recent blood work was improved...will be testing again in another month. At this point, no further testing is being suggested by the specialist.

10/3/2016 - Daisy was hospitalized in ICU a little over a week ago with HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) and probable PLE as her protein levels were low. She is on a low fat diet and will be seeing the specialist in another week for follow up blood work. If her protein levels are still low, she likely will have an endoscopy to pinpoint the cause of the protein loss). We will update as we know more. She is currently stable and doing well.

6/13/16 - While Daisy is a love of a pup, she does have issues with other pups. We are looking for her to be the queen of her castle. :)

4/10/2016 - While out in the bluebonnets taking photos a rainbow appeared! Daisy and her foster mom made a wish for Daisy's perfect furever home to appear!

She has had some issues with her leg and is in a splint; but it is a minor setback. The implants had to be removed from her leg and one small area needed further attention and healing. She will be seeing the surgeon at the end of the month and we are hoping she will be completely healed at that time.

Don't let that stop you from completing her application as it does take some time to process applications! :)

10/31/2015 - Daisy is doing well with her physical therapy. If you click on Videos under her photo, you can see her on the treadmill at Gulf Coast Vet Specialists Physical Therapy Dept. She walked on her leg for 10 minutes this past week!

Her ears are being treated for a yeast infection. At this time they seem to be responding to treatment. There is some tissue overgrowth but our vet thinks she may be fine since the ear canal is still there. She has clearly had issues with her ears in the past. Most likely she has allergies, but is not yet showing symptoms in her foster home. The surgeon will also be looking at her ears.

10/22/2015 - Daisy's leg has healed well and she started Physical Therapy yesterday to learn how to use it. She will be going to PT twice/week for 6 - 8 weeks and is getting stretching exercises at home. She is already trying to use the leg in certain conditions, so this is all very exciting! Prior to her surgery, that leg was completely unusable! She can actually scratch herself now! :)

9/14/15 - Daisy's leg wrap and her sutures were removed today. Dr. Beale is very happy with her progress. She looks great and will go back the first week of October...more than likely she will be starting physical therapy at that time.

9/4/2015 - Daisy had a very extensive surgery. Dr. Beale had to cut the tibia and femur and put plates in. Her knee cap was on the back side of her knee. There was a lot of scar tissue and overall a very long and tedious surgery but he feels confident that she will do just fine! She may need some physical therapy in the future but for now, it is rest and recuperation for her. She will be on crate rest for 6 - 8 weeks, with leash walking only for potty time. Many thanks to all for the prayers and good thoughts for Daisy!

9/2/2015 - Daisy was surrendered by her owner to a local shelter who contacted us to take her in. They were concerned because of her inability to use her left hind leg.

We are posting photos and a video of Daisy's leg to show what this baby has had to endure for most of her life. She also has had repeated ear issues...they will be taking a better look at them when she is under anesthesia.

Daisy was taken to see Dr. Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston and will be having surgery on her leg on Friday. He said that this leg is like this because she had knee issues as a puppy before her growth plates closed; so her knee is very twisted and the bones are out of alignment. This will be an extensive surgery as there will be a lot of scar tissue in there; but she will be able to use her leg after this surgical correction! We were very excited to hear that this could be done! Of course, this type of surgery does not come without a price....her estimated surgery bill is $4,300. Anything you can do to help us save Daisy's leg will be so appreciated!

Daisy's Donors:
Yorkie & Small Dog Rescue
Lauren LeavittValerie LeavittDonna Moore
Sira PineiroLorie ReyesAngelo Cuva
Jacqueline LawsonBrenda Van ValenJeanie Geer
Marcella StrubNancy LeichtCynthia McNeil
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Vicki DykesRosely ThomasSharon Davis
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Sherrie OrrNga Thien VoVicki Dykes
Brenda Van ValenLinda BasingerJudith Graham Burgess
Rachelle HeinerCarla Chamberlain & Yazmin Divine

Name: Ellie
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Weight: 8.2
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Ellie, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Ellie

12/20/16 - Ellie is a sweet little girl that gets very attached to her humans, mainly one person. Itís her foster mom in her foster home. She cannot see anything but shadows, but once used to the home, gets around just fine. Due to how attached she gets to her human and the fact that she cannot see makes her testy with other animals. Seems she would rather be the only one getting attention and gets upset if another dog touches her or brushes by her.

She will make a great addition to a laid back home that wants a companion to sit with, play ball with, yes, she is obsessed with toys, and sleep with.

7/28/16 - Ellie had her appt. today with Dr. John Warren at the Veterinary Eye Institute and the news was not in our favor. Seems Ellie IS NOT a candidate for cataract surgery. Even though she does have complete cataracts in both eyes, unfortunately, the retinal tested performed (ERG) showed that Ellie also has retinal degeneration in both eyes. This will not allow cataract surgery to be performed and be successful. We are happy that we at least got Ellie to the specialist to see if there was anything that could be done. Now that we know there isnít, we will just focus on the fact that she is a spectacular little girl that still needs a great home. Donít let her lack of sight scare you away because she is quick to learn and eager to please. She mastered her foster home in a matter of days. Sight or no sight, Ellie is a awesome little girl and deserves a loving mom and/or dad after all the losses she has been through.

7/26/16 - Ellie came into our rescue with mature cataracts. We have an appt. scheduled for Thursday, July 28 with the ophthalmologist to see if she might be a candidate for cataract surgery. We are crossing our fingers that she is. Ellie is such a sweetheart of a baby and we would love to be able to give her the gift of sight. Her glass is half full already, just imagine how much more happy and confident she would be with being able to see fully.

Ellie was previously owned by, and provided emotional support for, a handicapped lady. She passed away in April of 2013 leaving Ellie in the care of her father and his wife. When the husband became ill and passed in March of 2016, this left Ellie losing yet another loved family member and another scar to her heart. The husbandís wife was too upset to take care of Ellie and Ellie was closer to the husband anyway. So, she did the best she could for Ellie and reached out to rescue so Ellie could find a home and family that would love her as her previous 2 owners.

She is now in a foster home where she simply adores her foster mom. She gets very clingy, very fast to her people and loves them unconditionally. In her foster home there are other dogs, but Ellie does not play with them and would be happier if they werenít there. Lol. To that end, she would do best in a home where she could be the only dog that shadows her human. She has nipped at the current other four legger residents if they try to get too close when she is sitting next to foster mom. She will not go any further than a nip, but this nip lets us know that she would really love and benefit in having her own humans to herself. She has lost so much and so many, that she deserves to be number 1.

Ellie sleeps in the human bed right next to foster mom. She will lay wherever foster mom lays. We cannot express how clingy and focused on her humans she is. When Ellie first entered her foster home, she did not eat well. This could have been a combination of not liking her previous food, the fact that she had lost two loved ones, or a combination of the two. She is eating well now and food is left down so she can snack throughout the day.

Ellie absolutely loves her toys and can be quite obsessive over her tennis balls. She loves to play fetch and will scatter her toys all over. She will bring her tennis balls to you and beg you to throw them. Although she has numerous tennis balls, if she is playing with a particular one and it goes under the couch or gets lost, Ellie will obsess over it. She will search and search and search for the lost ball. And do not think you can entice her with a different one! She just wonít have it. She must have that ball. She can also be extremely aggressive with her stuffed toys. She loves to shake them and can get very loud with it. Her stuffed toy playing can be quite intimidating.

As far as potty habits, Ellie does very well. Accidents with her are rare, but not saying that once changing homes again, they could not happen. Once she learns where the door is she will go to the door and sit down in order to let you know she needs to go out. She also walks well on a leash and will go potty on a leash.

She isnít an obsessive barker, but will bark when she hears noises or if there is a knock at the door. And she is quite the terrier when it comes to stalking bugs, or any type of rodents.

She rides well in the car and really enjoys going for rides. Once she gets comfortable in her home, when someone comes in the door, she will bark at them and dart towards them. She does not bite, just letting you know you are entering her turf.

Please understand that Ellie is all about her person and needs a human or two that will be ok with her taking every step they take and being on top of them. Her foster mom says that she is just the best little foster ever and she is proud to have been able to take this baby in while we try to locate her a forever home.

7/15/16 - BIO COMING SOON!
Ellie's Donors:
Sandra Schad
Linda BasingerVicki Dykes

Name: Jax
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Weight: 14
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $400

For more information on Jax, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Jax
8/6/17 - Due to Jax's issues with settling things with his teeth, we will only adopt him out to a home in the Houston area that is willing to do a "slow" adoption, allowing Jax and his potential family to get to know each other.

12-20-16 - Jax is the same as written below

May 23, 2015 - While Jax is showing improvement, he is still having some issues adapting to life in a loving home. He is coming along, but really needs patient loving people around him.

Currently, when Jax gets overwhelmed he tends to want to "get up close and personal" with his mouth to whatever is annoying him (or anything/anyone in his way). . We are working on this, but it will take some time to convince him to be a lover/not a fighter.

January 15, 2015 - Time for a Jax update! Jax has had a bit of a trying time adjusting to life in a loving home. As you can see from his original photos he was either neglected or left to live alone outside for a very long time.

He is a bit of a challenge at times, but is a very sweet boy. He as come a long way and is getting a bit better about being handled; but he still needs more rehab time. He can be bathed cautiously and his hair trimmed a bit; but his foster mom is taking it in baby steps. In the end he will be a super loving wonderful pet! Just going to take a bit more time.

The latest photo of him shows that he is a bit "shaggy" but we think he is very handsome! :)

May 22, 2014 - Jax is doing well. He goes on short leash walks throughout the day. He is walking better and better! He is on crate rest and will be for about 6 more weeks. His eyes looked much improved. He has an appointment next week to have his sutures removed.

May 11, 2014 - Jax had surgery to repair his pelvis on May 7. He was discharged from the hospital on May 9. He was shaved down and was seen by the eye doctor. He is being treated for a bacterial skin infection and infection of his eyelids. He also is being medicated for pain and is on crate rest. He is coming along well but his recovery will be slow.

May 6, 2014 - Jax was admitted to GCVS. Will update as we know more.

May 6, 2014 - We received an emergency call about a yorkie that was found on the side of the road late yesterday. He spent the night at the Emergency Clinic where he was found to have a severly fractured pelvis. He is very dirty and matted...his eyes were full of green discharge...the EC cleaned his face up as best they could. He is of course on pain medications. He is on his way this morning to see Dr. Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston.
Anything you can do to help financially will be appreciated. This surgery is definitely going to be in the thousands. Jax is a young man and deserves a chance at a good life!
Please keep Jax in your thoughts and prayers.

Jax's Donors:
Paula Krus Semcovici
Barbara DusoldMelanie WellsAmy Birchfield
Amy BirchfieldCheryl GearyKatie Rosebraugh
Joanne HickoxHali StephensValerie Leavitt
Cathy WillisEverett LivelyBobbie Wheat
Lisa EdwardsVicki DykesRachelle Heiner
Brenda Van ValenLisa BridgewaterDonna Moore
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Christie PearsonVicki DykesLisa Edwards
Debra RobyKaren WalkerNancy Leicht
Lorie ReyesMichael CarterPatricia & Nuri Gonazalez-Powell
Patricia & Nuri Gonazalez-Powell

Name: Kandi
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Weight: 11
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Kandi, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Kandi
12-27-17 - Kandi is the same as written below

4/29/15 - Kandi has been with her foster home long enough for us to know her personality. Sometimes she gets into diva mode with other dogs and with people; but underneath it all she is a princess who sometimes dresses in devil's clothing.

April 16, 2013 - Kandi was found to have bilateral inguinal hernias which were surgically repaired this week. She is recovering well.

March 6, 2014 - Kandi is doing very well. She has been released by the orthopedic surgeon as her leg has healed very well!

She has one more step before she can be adopted ....she has an inguinal hernia that must be repaired. In the near future we will be taking her to a soft tissue surgeon for this to be done.

January 19, 2014 - Kandi's recovery is going smoothly. She has adjusted well to her foster home and gets along well with her foster siblings. She is a precious little girl!

January 14, 2014 - Poor sweet Kandi came to us from a shelter where she has been since last week. An xray revealed multiple fractures of her pelvis and a fracture of her femur. We picked her up from the shelter this morning and took her to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists to be evaluated. Surgery is being done this afternoon.

Kandi has been living in pain for the past 2 - 8 weeks. We don't know exactly how long but the fractures had started to heal. The leg is being rebroken since it was not in alignment.

Please pray for this sweet girl. Anything you can do to help with her veterinary costs will be appreciated. We will update as we know more.

Kandi's Donors:
Lisa Lehmann
Dr S B GooljarJoanne HickoxSharon Davis
Shannon BeyerJose GonzalezLauren Leavitt
Steve AnzaloneBrenda Van ValenBetty Payne
Jeanie GeerLouis DiBernardoLouis DiBernardo
Stephanie GrizzleNancy MeinershagenTerri Evans
Patricia & Nuri Gonzalez-PowellVicki DykesGary & Denise King
Lisa EdwardsSandra CarrMarcella Strub
Nancy LeichtKaren ShelbyVicki Dykes
Deborah SternStacey WilsonBrenda Van Valen
Alicia KarcherJeanie GeerPeggy Storsved
Vicki DykesHyeran Kim

Name: Rex
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Weight: 7
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Rex, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Rex
11/5//17 - Yes Rex is available! His bio is as written below..no changes.

10/29/15 - Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Houdini.... I mean Rex. I must have been a magicianís helper in a former life since Iím awesome at disappearing/escaping. This isnít actually good though since it always got me in trouble before. I ran off from my previous owners a lot and wound up getting hit by a car one day. I was picked up and taken to animal control and when my owners realized that surgery was needed, opted to surrender me to YHR so I could be fixed. Iím all healed now and good to go, so my new home that is.

Seems old habits die hard and even in my foster home I try to escape when I get the chance. What can I say, Iím just an explorer. Foster mom wasnít as easy to get past as my former owners. Whatís funny is that I am a major velcro dog with my people, so why do I want to leave? Excitement! I love cuddling with my people and definitely have to sleep in bed close to them. I honestly would much rather live with humans than other pups. Foster mom says she will find me a home where I can be a prince...I told her I might accept a sister, but brothers are out!

So with everything Iíve let you know about my skills, I will need a very secure yard and very attentive parents (no children) who will be one step ahead of me and before opening the door to the pizza man, pick me up.

I know Iím a cutie, so other than having to watch my like a hawk for any escape opportunities, I can make your life quite great.

6/6/15 - Rex is now all fixed up and ready to move on to his perfect furever life! He was seen by the surgeon this week and given a clean bill of health.

He is a happy little, lovable pup who loves to snuggle with a human. He also does like to play with other pups, but can be a tad bit bossy at times...just needs to be reminded to play nicely :) He does not like to share his human, so it is best he not be with a pup who is super attached to his human.

4/13/15 - Rex has been in his foster home for a couple of weeks now and being kept calm so that he can heal from his surgery to repair his diaphragm and let his pelvic fracture try to heal as well. He went in on 3/30 to get his staples out, and goes back to GCVS on 5/20 for x-rays to see how he is healing. One good bit of news for this baby is that he was tested for heartworms and was negative.

Rex seems interested in other dogs, so we think that once he has healed, he will be interested in playing with them. He also seems interested in toys. We will all be so glad once he is totally healed and can play. His appetite is great and he sleeps very well. Rex seems to love everyone he meets and is a well rounded baby.

He loves exploring when outside. We think it is the first time he has truly had a secure fenced yard to explore in without worrying about cars racing by and the activity of life of a dog able to roam freely in the streets.

He loves attention and loves to be held and petted on. Kisses are another of his favorites. He also follows his human around and doesnít want them out of his sight. So, we think heíll be a velcro dog unless this changes with time. We will update Rexís bio after his next appointment and as we learn more about this sweet baby boy.

3/18/15 - Rex had surgery to repair his diaphragm. His organs from his tummy had to be pushed back down and then the diaphragm was repaired. It is a pretty large incision .. chest surgery. He is not currently using his right rear leg due to his pelvic fracture. That should be fine as his pelvis heals.

He is now in his foster home finally getting love and attention. He still needs to be on strict rest for 8 weeks to heal properly, so we may not totally know his personality and what type home he needs to be in for a while. We will keep everyone updated on his progress and thank you all so much for donating and saving this babies life.

We have no choice but to do this surgery ASAP .. we cannot wait for donations to schedule surgery .. so anything you can do to help is totally appreciated.

We were contacted today about Rex who was deemed by the shelter vet to be an emergency. He was hit by a car and has multiple pelvic fractures and a diaphragmatic hernia. Both of these must be surgically repaired. He does have some increased respirations due to the diaphragm, but is not in distress at present. We transported him to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists​ in Houston and he was admitted and evaluated. He will be watched closely overnight. Surgery for both conditions is planned for tomorrow unless his breathing is worse and then they will have to do it as an emergency tonight. Poor Rex is terribly matted and has sticker burrs all over him. They will shave him down tomorrow after he is anesthetized.

You also can donate directly towards his care at GCVS by calling 713-693-1122


Rex's Donors:
Lorie Reyes
Kanita LarkinsSherrie OrrStephanie Grizzle
Taylor EstevezJackie PittengerSharon Davis
Benjamin SlusarchukDale A ZimmerAmy Chernault
Sandy ChesnutHyeran KimLorna Marrero
Penny SheaTina NormanNancy Leicht
Stacy PendolaDebbie KwitneyCarla Chamberlain
Lisa EdwardsBobbie WheatVicki Dykes
Diana Lewis MikatarianChristina WeissLisa Lehmann
Perla ChiaffitellaNancy MeinershagenElaine Laskowski
Joanne VogelBarbara FrenchIna Foster
Rachelle HeinerStephanie SlackAnn Brier
Nancy AlonzoNathan KleinBasil & Caper Anzalone
Amy BirchfieldBrenda Van ValenStephen Ridgill
Donna MooreTenile LutteneggerBarney Hobson
Tori TylerMarcella StrubKanita Larkins
Jacqueline Levesque

Pictures Videos
Name: Spencer
Gender: Male
Age: 2.5
Weight: 16
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $400

For more information on Spencer, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Spencer

9/27/17 - Spencer is a happy young man who has NO idea that he has a "condition". He gets along with all dogs and people alike. He is a perfect gentlemen and even babies the pit bull in the home. This makes him a great catch, as long as someone understands that he has congenital kidney disease. The symptoms remain as stated below, but once in a routine, his foster mom says that it is just that, routine.

3/3/16 - The results of Spencer's cushing test came back negative. So, it appears that Spencer's condition is "congenital kidney disease". This is a disease that affects the development and growth of the kidney before or shortly after birth in which the kidney is abnormal in its ability to function normally. Spencer's specific symptoms are excessive thirst (called polydipsia) and urination (polyuria). Since he is unable to concentrate the urine which results in more water passing out of the body in the form of urine, he will always need free access to water to prevent dehydration (even more so in the summer months). Withholding water WILL NOT decrease his need to urinate and may cause problems. He also constantly needs access to outside, so a doggy door would probably be a better situation for Spencer, or a home where someone is home during the day to give him access to outside often. In his foster home, he does a great job of going outside with having this doggy door access. He is not on any special diet or medication. This condition is not reversible and the prognosis is poor. However, if detected early enough, like we have, Spencer's life span could be longer. The specialist said that there is no way to accurately predict how many years he has without doing further extensive and invasive testing (which we do not feel is necessary for him at this point since he has already gone through so much to diagnosis this), but a good estimate is 4-6 years (no crystal ball).

Despite all of this, Spencer is not in any pain, quite the lover, and despite the set back of tinkling more and drinking more than the normal dog, he is the greatest little guy ever. Very social, makes the other pups in the home play, is very loving and cuddly with his foster parents and an all around sweetheart.

Don't let Spencer never get a last name for something that has been passed down because of bad breeding. He has many great years to fulfill some great family's life and he is just waiting to start his next journey.

2/18/16 - Here is a new picture of Spencer channeling his inner Michael Jackson discovering the Man in the Mirror. Spencer is such a great little man with a glass is half full type personality. He loves people, loves life, loves to play, loves to sleep, loves to cuddle, loves to eat, and so on, and so on. There isn't much that Spencer isn't up for or good at.

One thing that Spencer does have issues with is drinking and tinkling. At first, his foster mom just thought he wasn't catching on to the potty training and he wore a belly band to help. But as time passed and things did not improve, she started to get concerned. Several appointments were made at his regular vet and at GCVS and numerous tests have been performed ruling out one condition after the other. One last test that will be run Tuesday, 2/23/16, is to see if he might have Cushings. If this test comes back negative, and with all prior tests ruling out various other issues/diseases, Dr. Jones feels that a congenital kidney abnormality would be considered most likely the culprit.. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for this condition and even though he feels and acts fine, he will continue to have increased thirst and increased urination. He does have a doggy door in his foster home which helps with his increased urination.

We will update his bio after his testing for Cushings on Tuesday.

11/10/15 - Spencer is a sweetheart of a guy that loves playing with other dogs and toys. To that end, there will need to be other four leggers in the home, no matter the size since in his foster home, there are small and large ones. He loves to ride in the car, but insists on being in your lap. I know, not totally safe, but he is very still and not disruptive at all to the safety of the road. Lol

He is loving sleeping in the bed with his foster parents and siblings and says there is no going back to a dog bed or crate to sleep at this point. Older respectful children will be ok in the home since he has energy to burn. Currently he is still working on his potty training. Outside is more of an issue than inside, since he will use puppy pads really well. His foster parents are working on moving the pee pad outside in order to get his little brain to relate to doing business outside as well.

He is an awesome, outgoing, sweet natured, sensitive little man that is just waiting to have a last name and he would like it in time for Thanksgiving, but wonít fuss if it is at least before Christmas.

9/16/15 - Spencer here. Iíve been so busy playing with my foster siblings that I totally forgot to update my bio. I am now 21 weeks old and weigh 8 lbs.

I've had two of my partners in crime leave me. Duncan and Fallon. Foster mom says they were adopted and that I'm waiting to be adopted too. I don't understand why out of us three, I'm the last one here, but it is not my job to question why. Only to be cute and focus on getting myself one of those things that Duncan and Fallon call families now.

I'm a very playful pup, so will definitely need another one in the household to play with. I LOVE humans and dogs. I'm always happy and bouncing around. I have an infinite amount of energy, so a fenced in yard is a must. My attention span is REALLY short, so foster mom is starting to try to teach me some commands in an effort to build my self-control.

Anyway, even with my Attention Deficit Disorder and the fact that I'm not totally potty trained yet (even though I do use my puppy pads and do go outside when brought), I'm still the catch of the site. I have personality plus and looks for the cover of GQ for dogs.

So, if you are interested and meet the requirements that I have listed above, fill out my online application and we'll see if you get the job as my parents. Good Luck!

7/28/15 - Spencer is one of 6 siblings that was born into rescue when their mom, Gracie, was surrendered pregnant. Gracie is a yorkie, and we are assuming that dad was a Schnauzer from the characteristics of the puppies.

Spencer is thin and strong. He can run and play non-stop. He loves giving kisses, but will sneak in a ďbite/nibbleĒ every now and then. Spencer does loves his humans, but would do best in a home with another active pup, or one of his siblings to keep his busy and company. He is a very active busy little guy.

Of course with this adorable face comes chewing, potty accidents and barking, but nothing that someone who is expecting puppy antics can't handle.

Spencer is currently 13 weeks old and should be able to be neutered and be available for adoption in about 3-4 weeks

7/27/15 - BIO COMING SOON!
Spencer's Donors:
Vicki Dykes
Donna MooreNancy LeichtStephanie Slack
Marcella StrubIsabel DamasLa Branche Designs LLC
Kathleen GoforthDoug & Siobhan MarroneSandy Chesnut
Rachelle HeinerTheresa McCauleyCynthia McNeil
Denise BeyerStephen RidgillDiana Levin
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Doug & Siobhan MarronePam BunnSharon Gibson
Keri KagawaTracy CunninghamDr S B Gooljar
Stephen RidgillDiana LevinSheryl Moulden
Diana LevinDiana Levin

Pictures Videos
Name: Tiny Tim
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 5.5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Tiny Tim, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Tiny Tim
11.16.17 - Timmy went to the vet for an exam and an xray was done and he was found to have gall stones. Photo of the xray is in his pictures. He was referred to the specialist and he went today. An ultrasound showed that he has stones in his gall bladder, liver and bile ducts. We will be doing blood work every couple of months to keep a close eye on him. He is healthy now,and blood work looks great. He may never have issues with the stones; but must be watched closely for signs of obstruction. We don't know how long he has had them...and they may never be a problem for him. He had gone to the vet for something totally unrelated.

12/5/2016 - Timmy continues to do well. He is quite the little charmer and loves to be held. He must continue his RX diet.
Timmy needs an understanding home. He likely spent much of his life outside and may never be fully housebroken. He cannot wear belly bands because of his surgery that changed the way he urinates, so the only way to protect furniture is to put a diaper on him. We think his sweet personality makes up for all. :)

3/2/15 - Timmy is doing well. He was recently checked out thoroughly and has not formed any stones. We are thinking the surgical procedure where his urethra was rerouted has fixed that issue; but an adopter must always be aware and have him checked on a regular basis.
He is on prescription food: Royal Canin Urinary SO and must remain on that.

9/19/20`4 - Timmy is back in his foster home and doing well. He will need to be watched closely to see that his blood work continues to improve. He is taking all of his meds like a champ!

9/17/2014 - Timmy is doing very well and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your prayers and donations!

9/14/2014 - Timmy (Tiny Tim) became ill overnight and was in the Emergency Clinic early this morning and then referred to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists this afternoon.

Timmy in in ICU on IV fluids and antibiotics. His liver enzymes and white count were very elevated and he had a temp of 103.7. He has a probable liver infection, but he does have stones in his gall bladder; so they cannot rule out an obstruction until further studies are done. He will have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and hopefully that will tell us more.

You all have been so generous lately with our sick girl, Lily Rose, so it is totally understood that it may be difficult for many to donate towards Timmy's vet care. If you can help, it will be appreciated. No amount is too small....if you can give up one cup of coffee for him, it will be a huge help and deeply appreciated. One thing we ask is that you please say a prayer for this precious boy.

April 16, 2014 - Timmy has been on various diets to prevent bladder stones. With the surgery he had recently it is hopeful he will never have to have surgery again. He must be seen by a vet every three months to have his urine checked and be evaluated for stones.

March 24, 2014 - Timmy had emergency surgery today to remove a bladder stone that was blocking his urethra. Because he is a recurrent bladder stone former, a scrotal urethrostomy was done to help him pass stones if they form again which is highly likely. He will remain in the hospital for a couple of days.

February 16, 2014 - Since Timmy developed bladder stones again while on a prescription diet, we have done a veterinary nutrition consult on him and have started him on a home cooked diet. Timmy will need to be checked every 3 months for bladder stones.

January 11, 2014 - Timmy had his surgery on the 8th and he is recovering well. He sends yorkie kisses to everyone who helped us pay for his surgery and those who prayed for him!!

December 24, 2013 - In spite of being on a special diet, Timmy has developed another large bladder stone. Poor baby was in pain and went to the vet this morning. Because it is not considered an emergency, he is home on pain meds and being watched. Unless he becomes obstructed, surgery will not be done until after Christmas.
Donations and prayers appreciated!

June 13, 2013 - Timmy is doing well and has put some much needed weight on!

May 31, 2013 - Timmy had his bladder surgery two days ago and is doing fine in his recovery. The stone was huge! Pictures attached.

May 28, 2013 - Timmy was kept in a cage outside and received little to no food and water and no medical treatment at all. He was brought to animal control by his lovely owners (thank goodness) and Yorkie Haven was called to see if they had room for this 3.5 lb. baby. He had his dental and lost 17 teeth and at that time, they found out he had a large bladder stone but had to wait for surgery because he was so emaciated upon arrival.

He has now put on some weight and should be good to go for removal of his bladder stone tomorrow.

Timmy is a sweet little guy who loves his people and is doing fine with the other pups in his foster home. He and his foster mom will be looking for a home for Tiny Tim that understands these little ones and someone who is ready to give him all the love, attention and comfort that he did not get in his previous home. He moving up in the world and is not looking back.

If you can help with his vetting costs, it will be so appreciated.

May 25, 2013 - BIO COMING SOON!

Tiny Tim's Donors:
Vicki Dykes
Jeanie GeerEric ZernekeDeborah Teitelman
Leah MercierVicki DykesKathleen Meaney
Lisa LehmannCatrina CurrierLisa Edwards
Nancy LeichtMarcella StrubVicki Dykes
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