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Name: Blitzen
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Weight: 5.4
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Blitzen, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Blitzen
12/15/20 - Blitzen had a recheck for his ear and other than an ear infection which is being treated, he seems to be healing quite nicely.  Also, the results came back and the mass was benign.  Yay!

The doctor did find that his thyroid levels were off, so started Blitzen on Thyroxine, 1 mg. - 1/2 pill twice daily.  He is now feeling great!

11/28/20 - Blitzen had his surgery yesterday to remove the tumor in his right ear.  The mass was sent to the lab.  He is doing well.  He has a recheck scheduled for December 10th.  Thank you so much for your prayers and donations for sweet little Blitzen and he hopes everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

11/19/20 - Blitzen saw the specialist today at MedVet Mandeville for his ear. His appointment was originally set for October 29th, but had to be cancelled because of the weather at that time. He is scheduled for November 27 to have the tumor(s) removed and biopsied. The estimate for his surgery is $1,741.59. Please help with his surgery cost if you can and say prayers that everything goes well.

Thank you.

10/22/20 -
Blitzen's foster mom has notice that his ears have been having a foul order and bothering him so she had them look into this today while he was under anesthesia being neutered.  It seems this poor baby has a 2 tumors down in his ear that need to be removed.  We are scheduling an appointment with a specialist at MedVet to have this done soon.

Please keep him in your prayers.

7/26/20 – Hi, it’s me, Blitzen again checking in.  Foster mom has found out that even though they named me Blitzen, (after a reindeer since my legs are a little longer), you can pretty much call me whatever you want since I can’t hear.  Yep, I’m pretty deaf.  Don’t feel sorry for me though, I think this is a real advantage.  You know how you have those annoying siblings, parents, and friends that talk too much or too loud and you wish they would just hush?  You know where I’m going with this don’t you? Lol  I cannot hear them.  J  The down side is I can’t hear the ones I truly love.  But I can look at you adoringly and watch you speak to me and wag my tail.

Now, I can see, love, eat, play and everything else a normal dog can do.  One thing I am great at right now is humping my bed.  Yea, I know, not the most attractive thing, but we are all hoping that once I get neutered and some of these male hormones are gone, I won’t want to molest my blankets and bedding.  The good thing is that I don’t do that to my fur-siblings or anything else.

The vet said that I can be neutered and get my dental as soon as I put a little more weight on.  Seems I was pretty much on the anorexic side when I got here and apparently that isn’t the “in” look any longer. 

I sleep good and eat my food like a champ (hard food mixed with a little water).  However, it seems I must have been given table scraps before because I am GREAT at begging.  I’m learning that these people aren’t as free with their food as the last people.  Well, I’m in a great home now, so I’ll learn to accept that.

Currently, I am an unaltered male, so I am marking, but foster mom has me wearing a belly band so I won’t mess up all the furniture.  Is that crazy?  A man of my age wearing a diaper!!  Oh well, who am I to fuss about it.  I’d much rather be here than where I came from.  Foster mom says that the marking will get better once I’m neutered.  Boy, getting neutered around here at this rescue seems to be a huge thing.    They are smart people, so it must be the thing to do.  No one else til now seemed to care, so I’m grateful.

Are you in the market for an older reindeer that does take naps, but still has energy, and is a sweetheart?  Well, stop right here, because Blitzen can be that man.

7/21/20 - Blitzen is settling into his foster home and we will post a bio soon updating on his medical status and personality.

7/13/20 - Yet another baby in desperate need of vetting, love, food and rescue.  A rescue friend contacted Yorkie Haven to see if we could help this poor baby.   Blitzen, as he is now called, was definitely in bad shape when we picked him up on Friday.  We went straight to the vet just to address the obvious issues, skin, ears, eyes, nail clip.  No matter that long nails are in for humans, they are NEVER in for dogs.

Sweet Blitzen received some ear medication and medicated shampoo.  As soon as he got home, they wild hair was cut off and he received his first soothing, medicated shampoo and massage.  He enjoyed it and the dirt that came off of him was ridiculous.  He felt better after getting out of the tub.  He ate supper like a champ.  You would too if you hip and back bones and ribs were poking out.  He had a very long, exhausting day and slept like a log.  Despite it all, Blitzen is a very resilient, happy boy.  We can't wait to see what he looks like in the weeks/months to come. 

Soon he will be neutered, get a much needed dental, receive his shots and get a microchip.  It's all uphill from here Blitzen Don't look back and try to forget your past because the best is yet to come.

Blitzen's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Katie Rosebraugh April Delaney Judy Betancourt
Jaqueline Doucet Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke

Name: Braxton
Gender: Male
Age: 8.5
Weight: 10.2
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Braxton, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Braxton
3/7/21 - Braxton went to the photographer recently for some updated glamour shots, so he thought he should update his bio as well.  He has been in his foster home quite a while now and is a great guy.  He would do better as an only dog or with 1 other.  He doesn't mind the other dogs, but sometimes he doesn't understand boundaries.  He is bigger and stronger and somewhat clueless.  If you are petting and giving another attention, he will just barrel right in to get some.  This isn't a problem if the other dog(s) aren't jealous, but if so, a quarrel can start.

He is a very fast eater and cleans his bowl in no time flat.  If there are other dogs in the home, he would have to be fed in a separate room and not let out until everyone is finished or he will run over and just push the dog eating out of the way to get to their food.  No fighting, he's just a bigger dog taking what he wants.  lol

He loves to go for walks and LOVES putting on clothes or his harness.  He still doesn't like to be picked up and will run off or if you grab him too quickly, he will still nip/bite at you, but he has learned to sit, so his foster parents give him the command to sit and are stern yet delicate and then pick him up.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.  This has to have something to do with the multiple homes he was in before, and even though he does get more trusting with time, this might be the one thing that never gets 100%.  But, no dog is 100% at everything.

He will use pee pads in the house and is good about holding it, but will go out and use the bathroom everytime he is brought out.  He is great in the car and loves to go for car rides.  He is a sleeping companion dream.  When you tell him it is time for bed, it will jump up the steps and into the bed and lay down.  He does love to be petted on and will sometimes sleep under the covers and sometimes on top of them.  If you get up, he gets up and when you get back in bed, he gets back in bed.

He would love for someone to be all about him as he gives his humans all his attention and just wants the same in return.  He definitely is not one for a crate and will need free roam of the home if you leave.  The only thing he is destructive with is his toys, but he definitely adores his toys.  He has to have one favorite toy/bear at all times and he pretty much "walks" it all over the house.  He loves carrying it in his mouth and as his foster parents call it, "he's bringing his bear for a walk", as they walk all over the house back and forth.

Braxton is a super sweet, affectionate, smart boy that is ready for that home, that isn't too pushy and can understand his issues with being picked up and won't give up on him if he shows his "I'll get you before you get me" side.  No ones perfect and Braxton needs someone that adores him and shows him just that.

2/25/20 - Braxton is a bigger yorkie with a big heart. He is a sweetie, but doesn't always have to be underfoot or right by you like most yorkies. Don't get us wrong, he does love sleeping in bed with his humans, but will sometimes sleep at the foot of the bed and sometimes sleep by you. He is pretty good to do his own thing. He has a security teddy bear that he adores. It is quite ragged now, but Braxton thinks it is made of gold and walks around the house carrying it as if it is his security blanket. He has an awesome underbite that gives him so much character. When Braxton first came into rescue, we could not figure out why he was adopted from the shelter several times and returned. He is happy, glass is half full, eats good, sleeps good, does business outside each time he is brought (but could have the occassional accident), comes when called, listens and has a funny personality. Well, Braxton is a fearful dog. This doesn't show until you go to pick him up or if you are having to push him away from something with a hand or foot. We cannot imagine what he has gone through in his lifetime, and his foster home is working on these things with him, but he is not a fan of being grabbed or picked up quickly. If you do this, he will bite. He doesn't mean to bite hard, but with his adorable massive underbite it gives quite the kick. He would do best in a home with no other dogs or with a dog that is very submissive. He will not compete for attention, but we find that with multiple dogs in the home, Braxton will sometimes show his alpha personality and that is one of the main reasons we have had to "push him away". For instance, he is fed in a separate room since when he is done, he will literally go and steal any other dog's food. If you were to run over and push him away because it isn't his bowl, he then snaps. Also, being picked up. That is better if you talk to him gently and pet him as you pick him up and we've learned that picking him up with one hand under his belly is better than grabbing him with two. This is something that can get better with time, but someone would have to understand that it is a fear issue that seems to be embedded in him currently and would have 1) deal with it and try to limit these things he doesn't like; 2) work on it either individually or with a trainer; or 3) opt for another dog.

He is quite the cool character and is such fun if you think he is the one for you.

9/12/19 - Well, they say that the 3rd time is a charm. That’s true when it comes to me. Seems getting into Yorkie Haven Rescue is the third time that I have been adopted out of animal control. My previous people either didn’t have enough time or didn’t want to put forth the effort to take care of something besides themselves, or whatever other selfish reason there could be to take something promising to love and care for it and then just discard it like a stale loaf of bread.

Ok, enough whining. It’s all good now. I can say this, I never lost my happy personality. As soon as I walked into my foster home, I was a happy, grateful boy. I’m very social and love all people. I get along with other dogs my size or smaller. By the way, I’m 10.5 lbs. Larger dogs kind of send me into overload. I slept like a champ in the human bed at night and don’t move. I know how to enjoy comfort. I’m great with a bath and blowdry. I’m a very good eater. A little too over-hungry at times. I absolutely love toys and you will need a lot of them. I will take them out of the basket, and it will look like a toy store exploded by the end of the day. So I’ll need someone who will pick them all up at the end of the night and let me start all over the next morning.

I have this adorable underbite going on that everyone seems to think is precious. I don’t know, I can’t see myself in the mirror, but I’ll take their word for it. I love giving kisses and being loved on. I’m a little nervous if you are trying to walk to me to pick me up. I kind of remember some young children being in one of my many previous homes and they were probably a little too rough in picking me up, so you have to sometimes bend down and go slow.

Overall all, I am a great size – not too small – not too big. I’m handsome, loving, athletic, happy and…… for the LAST TIME, ready to move to my permanent home. This rescue I’m in said not to worry, they won’t fail me and the next time I moved, they will find someone who wants a furry companion for life. I have a positive outlook, so I believe them. I’ll be waiting.

Braxton's Donors:
Gino Bazile
Ed Guise Sandra Lynch

Name: Louie
Gender: Male
Age: 12.5
Weight: 6.9
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Louie, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Louie
3/12/21 - 

I have been with my foster mom for almost 2 years now.  I know that I have some medical issues and am up in age, but I just want everyone out there to know that I am a catch, if you cannot tell from my photos.

Here’s a little recap on me:

-                 I am 14 years young (I don’t look or act my age).  I have approximately 7 teeth left, but still eat hard food with a little dollop of soft food mixed with warm water.

-                 I’m on thyroid medication because of a low thyroid – Thyroxine ½ pill twice daily (which I take in a pill pocket like a champ).

    I have arthritis and spondylitis in my left front leg and take Metacam that this once daily – this helps me tremendously, but there are times where I will still hold up my front left leg if you hold me too long or I’ve used it too much.

-                 I have a condition called Paraphimosis – this is where my private part doesn’t always retract back into the sheath.  So basically my lipstick sometimes is out of the tube a little.  This is a real condition and foster mom just checks me a couple times a day and if my lipstick is poking out, it’s easy just to put a tiny bit of Vaseline on your fingers and pull the sheath back over to where I’m hidden again.  I know that sounds bad, and I’m so embarrassed, but it is what it is, and helping me with this will be a necessity if you want me to join you.

I can still hear pretty well, but I have selective hearing.

Now, if all of the above did not scare you off and you are still reading, I am a great companion that isn’t too clingy, but still likes attention.  I good about doing my business outside if brought out enough.  Remember, I have a small bladder and am 14 years old.  I will also use pee pads inside, but I still might have a mistake here and there.  I sleep in the bed with you and am a great bed partner.  I don’t take up too much space and do not care if you snore.  I would like a fenced in yard as I do like to sunbathe when the weather is nice and like a little privacy when doing my business.  I get along with other dogs fine, but really do not engage in play.  So it’s ok if you have other pups or a cat, just as long as they don’t expect me to play with them.  Now here is the one thing that I think is a big deal, I am a man’s dog.  Yep, I would absolutely love to have a daddy over a mommy.  A mom is fine and if you are the perfect home, I can make do.  But I’m just saying, I light up more when there is a man around.  Yep, I would absolutely love to have a daddy over a mommy.  A mom is fine and if you are the perfect home, I can make do.  But I’m just saying, I light up more when there is a man around.  So all you guys out there who think it’s macho to own and love a little dog, give me a shout.

3/22/20 - The dosage of Louie's Thyroxine (1/2 pill twice daily) is good and this will be his regimen from here on out. He is still waiting on that forever home that realizes that with age comes issues and that is OK.

1/27/20 - Sweet little Louie went to the doctor recently for bloodwork and his thyroid was low. The vet started him on Thyroxine (1/2 pill twice daily) and we will recheck in 1 month to make sure this dosage is accurate.

6/18/19 - So here's the deal. Dad started to have to travel a lot for work which meant I was left alone of had to be boarded. Dad knew this wasn't what he or I wanted, so we sat down and discussed it and I agreed it would be best if I joined another family that was around more. Now, here I am in a foster home with Yorkie Haven Rescue. I used to be an only dog and know I'm in a home with more furry friends. Even though we don't actually play together, I sleep in the bed with them and get along with them all fine. Even though my eyesight is getting a tad cloudy, my hearing might be a decibel off and my joints are definitely not what they used to be, I can see, hear and get around fine. I have arthritis in my left front leg and will hold it up at times, but I'm taking some Glucosamine for it and I can run like the wind in the back yard.

I am a hearty eater, good for a bath, have very soft hair and a teddy bear face. I would love nothing more than a home where mom, dad and I can sit around watching some shows, go out in the backyard and play a little while, back in for a snack, take an afternoon ride in the car, come home for some loving and cuddle time, eat some supper, watch a movie and then lights out.

I will make the perfect addition to your family and all I ask in return is your unconditional love.... well, food, your bed, baths, toys and treats would sweeten the deal.
Louie's Donors:
Gino Bazile
Ed Guise Linda Katzenstein Ed Guise
Ed Guise

Name: Milo
Gender: Male
Age: 12.5
Weight: 6.4
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Milo, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Milo

7/26/20 - Hey everyone.  It’s Milo the Magnificent!  Yep, that’s how I feel now.  No longer in a field having to fend for myself, no longer in a home where they don’t want me, no longer just Milo… MILO THE MAGNIFICENT!!  I know this sounds as if I know some magic tricks, and I actually do.  You see, I’m blind, but everywhere I go, I adjust very quickly and seem to learn my way around without fail.  I do lightly bump into things, but I’m not timid or scared of my shortcoming which makes me all the more magnificent.  I haven’t been blind all my life, but I will be 13 years old in December, so there were bound to be some body parts that started to give up.  I’m just glad it wasn’t my bladder. Haha.  Yes, a magician AND a comic.  Two dogs for the price of one. 

 So, my upkeep, since I have KCS, which is actually a fancy term for dry-eye, I get Optimmune ointment, 1 strip in each eye twice daily.  I also get artificial eye drops in my eyes a couple times a day

I’m fine with the other fur-beings in the house as long as they don’t get too much up in my business.  Being blind does keep you on higher alert.  I don’t like to sleep in the human bed since I’m afraid I might fall.  I’m very content in a very comfy doggy bed with a blanket.  Foster mom feeds us twice daily.  This is when I do my best magic.  She puts my bowl with soft food down and I empty the bowl.  Not all dogs are this good, I know.

 I get along with all people and will LOVE anyone who holds me.  I absolutely LOVE to be held like a baby over your shoulder.  I could stay there all day.  I am pretty free with my kisses too.  I don’t play with toys, but you never know later on.
Even though I cannot see, I’m pretty good with my potty habits if you do your job and take me out often.  Once I get comfortable, I will even get out of my bed and bark and when foster mom brings me out, I tinkle. 
I like to walk around outside, but not sure if a fenced in yard is totally necessary if you are sure you stay out with me the whole time.  Then again, who would put a dog out and let it stay out alone to use the bathroom with all the hawks and wild animals around.  That’s not the type owner I want next.  Not sure that apartment or condo life would be for me since I do have a bark and am not afraid to use it.

 That’s all I have to say about myself for now.  If you would like to help me take this magician act on the road, just fill out an application and my new employees will see if you can cut the mustard.

Signing off for now.  POOF!

7/2/20 - Milo had his dental yesterday. He lost 7 teeth that were just aching to come out. His tummy was a little upset last night and he wasn't feeling all that great, but today is a new day. And, it is the first day of the rest of his great life. Rotten teeth and bacteria free now, and still eating like a champ. Milo eats soft food and cleans his plate. For his eyes, he gets Optimmune ointment, 1 strip in each eye twice daily to help with the KCS/dry eyes. He also gets Neopolydex, 1 drop in each eye twice daily for inflammation and the infection in his eyes. We will be following up with the ophthalmologist later to get the long-term regime for this sweeties little eyes.

Being blind is not something that holds Milo back. Some dogs just adjust well, and he is one of them. We think Milo was an agility dog in his previous life. How else could you explain the way he just flies over all the hurdles that have been put in his path? Well, that and he must have angels riding on his back.

June 25, 2020 - Milo is 13 years old, blind and was found lost in a field near Arlington, TX and turned into Mansfield Shelter. Milo had a chip and his owners were contacted. They informed the shelter that he had gone missing a few months back and they could not find him. The owner had since gotten a new job and was working long hours and said that getting Milo back would not be in Milo’s best interest, so agreed to surrender him to Yorkie Haven Rescue since the shelter had already reached out us. He was pulled from the shelter Monday, June 22nd and transported to a layover home in Shreveport. We brought him to the vet since his eyes were very infected. He has very mature cataracts and had bilateral conjunctivitis with mucoid discharge. He also has KCS (dry eye) so will be on medicated ointment from now on. Saturday, June 27th, Milo will complete his transport to his foster home in Baton Rouge. Once he is comfortable, we will get him to the vet to get blood work done, along with a much needed dental and we are sure he will lose infected teeth. Even with his rough journey lately, being blind and changing multiple hands, and not know what was going on and who to trust, Milo has been a champ through it all. He does love to be attended to and talked to.

The bad pictures are of Milo when he was first brought to the shelter after being on his own. The cuter one is, of course, after the shelter trimmed and bathed him. Once we get him in his permanent foster home, he will get to visit the professional groomer and photographer and we will show you just what a handsome boy Milo can be. Basically, all dogs ask for in life is food, grooming, vetting and love. We don’t feel this is too much to ask for from a companion that never asked to be brought into this world but was purchased as a young pup to give a human. Then, WHAM, when they need us the most, …….. the humans cannot give that in return. That is where rescue comes in. Seems we can pick forever homes MUCH BETTER than the majority of breeders who sell them in the beginning. Harsh, I think not! Proven!

Milo will be letting you know more about his personality, needs and wants as we get to know him better. Stay tuned!
Milo's Donors:
Kerie Lowe-Reddemann
Rick DeCosta Phuong Nthi Donna Hoblack
Jan Robbins Mark Robinson Karrie Johnston
Nancy Leicht Lorna Yisel Marrero Pomales Gabrielle Shumpert
Jane Bringol Linda Baldree Terri Simmons Evans
Elizabeth Constance Maroun Kerstin Lemke

Name: Mitzi
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Weight: 6.6
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Mitzi, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Mitzi
2/11/21 - Republican, Democrat, Independent. Doesn’t matter to me. As long as I get a family that will love me forever through thick and thin and never desert me. My name is Mitzi which in German and Latin means “star of the sea”. This could not be further from the truth since I AM NOT a fan of water. Grooming and bathing is not pleasant for me or the person bathing me.

I was surrendered to the shelter by my owner because she had some medical issues. As you can imagine, I was terrified at the shelter. Thank goodness Yorkie Haven was called and came and scooped me up. They could not believe my age when they first met me because I’ve got some spunk to me. I’m a fast walker and busy - when I’m not napping.

I co-exist fine with the other pups in my foster home, but do not play with other dogs or toys. Foster mom keeps trying to get me to sleep in the bed with her and the others, but I’m content in one of the dog beds.

I was brought to the vet when I first arrived and they said that my teeth needed to be cleaned. Turns out they lied. I had 19 teeth left and they all needed to come out. So, now I eat soft food with a little warm water and a few hard pieces of kibble for kicks and giggles. Apparently at my previous home I was given table scraps, because I am quite the beggar. They also found out that I have dry eye, so I am now on optimmune drops twice daily in both eyes. NOT a fan of that. Anything activity around my face makes me fussy, but I guess I have to get used to it unless I want my eyes to get worse.

I love all people but will hunker when someone goes to pick me up. This could be because my sight and hearing are a little compromised. I run outside with the rest of the crew to do my potty business, but foster mom has caught me using the pee pads she has down. This made her very happy. Some people are so easy to please. I’m an explorer. When we are outside, I love going around and sniffing and checking out everything. Foster mom thinks if I could find a way out, I would take advantage of it. I have that terrier instinct.

I would love to say that I am a snuggle bunny, but I’m not a huge fan of being held for long periods and don’t give doggy kisses. Loud noises, i.e., vacuum cleaner, etc. scare me a little. Don’t know about any fireworks or bad weather yet, but will update you when it happens.

So that about sums me up for now. Back to you - I don’t care what party you are or who you voted for, dog ownership just requires humanity and love. So if you aren’t scared of a senior showing you up in the energy department at times, take a chance on me.

Mitzi's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Lisa Lee Kerstin Lemke

Name: Pacino
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Weight: 13
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Pacino, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Pacino
9/24/20 - It's been a long time since Pacino has updated you and that's because he has been so busy loving life.  Although he is getting older, not much has changed in his energy department and as you can see by his new pics, he doesn't look any older.  His foster mom says he still acts as if he is 6.  He did just start some new medicine though.  It's called Proin.  Seems Pacino is having trouble tinkling when he is sleeping.  The vet is trying this to see if will help.  Foster mom is noticing that his eyesight and hearing are lacking a little, but that happens to everyone with age.

He also takes Phenobarbital for seizures and, thankfully, hasn't had any seizures since he's been on the medicine.  He takes 1 15 mg pill twice daily.

He doesn't really play with any of the other dogs in his foster home.  He does love car rides and going for walks.  He loves breakfast and supper time and is a very fast eater

Other than that, Pacino is a happy, healthy boy and if you ask him, he has many years left.  Want to give an older guy a happy home?  Pacino loves everyone and even though he loves foster mom, he wouldn't mind changing addresses if it would give him a last name.

7/15/19 - Pacino is a sweetheart of a guy. He definitely doesn\'t act, look or feel his age. The guy seems more like 7 years old. He is a bigger, longer bodied boy, but still small enough to pick up and love. He loves giving kisses and is very in tune with his people. Since his bladder stone surgery, he eats a prescription diet. If there are other pups in the home, Pacino would have to be put up to eat since he is food aggressive with other dogs. We aren\'t sure where this stemmed from, but it is an easy fix, just put in a room to eat or a crate. If there aren\'t any other dogs in the home, which Pacino would absolutely love, there is no need to put him up while eating. He is fine with the other dogs all other times, so could co-exist or be the only big baby. We have just noticed a growth on Pacino\'s leg by his front left shoulder, and will be getting it checked out and removed soon, along with a tiny sty on the inside of his bottom eyelid. Pacino would be a great addition to a laid back home with or without dogs where he can be loved and give love.\r\n\r\n\r\n6/21/19 - Pacino has been in his foster home for a while now and wants to give everyone an update. You would not be able to guess his age if you met him because he acts so young at heart and has energy to burn. His legs are like springs and he can bounce very high. He needs a big secure yard to run and play in and owners that can watch him when the front door is open since he is very curious and tempted to run. The perfect home for Pacino would be where he could be the only pup or with one other calm dog since he loves getting a lot of attention. He does have Napoleon tendencies at feeding time, so he eats separately and isn’t let out until everyone is finished so as not to have any fights.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nPlease give Pacino a chance at a home where he is the main man and he will not disappoint you.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n3/20/19 - Now since I am feeling better, foster mom said that it is time for me to tell the world about myself. Well, my name is Pacino, as in Al Pacino. My previous mom could not keep me any longer due to life changes, so my new foster mom stepped in to give me a place to call my own until she could find me my real home. Shortly after coming to live with her, she realized I had bladder stones and needed immediate surgery. That was done and now I feel so much better. I will have to stay on a prescription diet food (Royal Canin Urinary SO hard food) from now on so they won�t return, but it�s fine because I like my new food. \r\n\r\nI eat twice daily and need to eat alone. I tend to be a bit of a terminator if another dog comes around while I am trying to enjoy by kibble. So, it�s much easier if I just eat alone and stay up until all the other furbabies are finished eating.\r\n\r\nI�m ok around children as long as they are older and don�t get too chaotic or want to pull on my ears or tail. And I do like to give the humans, old or young, kisses.\r\n\r\nI would love to sleep in bed with my humans and I promise I will not take up too much of the bed or covers.\r\n\r\nI get very attached to my humans and love getting and giving attention. I can also be a great coach potato if you want to snuggle and cuddle for some movies. I also like playing with toys. My potty training is coming along, and I will use pee pads, but foster mom still catches me marking at times. So, I�m not perfect.\r\n\r\nI will bark when I�m excite or when the other dogs bark, it isn�t crazy obsessive. I�m a little timid around the vacuum cleaner but getting more used to it. I have very strong legs and can jump on the furniture to be with you.\r\n\r\nI do have terrier in me, so I will have to be put up or picked up if someone is at the door because I will take that opportunity to run off. The unknown just looks so exciting.\r\n\r\nI wouldn�t mind another doggy to play with, but they shouldn�t be too rough because I can get offended easily. I might be 10 years old, but I don�t know it and I have energy to play. That doesn�t mean that I can turn right around and nap or cuddle with my humans.\r\n\r\nI just an all-around great boy that is in the prime of my life. I�m up for a walk, a nap or basically whatever you want. First, you have to apply to adopt me and then we can discuss adventures.\r\n\r\n2/24/19 - Thanks to all of you, Pacino had his bladder stone surgery Friday and is doing well. We are so happy for this little man. His foster mom picked him up yesterday and its as if he never had surgery. It\'s amazing what these babies can endure. He will have a recheck in about a week to have a urinalysis and see if all is well, then schedule his dental and he will get a microchip at that time. Pacino said to tell everyone thank you and we will be posting a bio soon to tell about his personality.\r\n\r\n\r\n2/14/19 - Pacino needs immediate surgery for bladder stones! \r\n Please consider donating to Pacino so we can get him comfortable. He was surrendered by his owner because she did not have time for him. He is in a foster home now and ready to have surgery and start feeling better. PLEASE HELP US HELP PACINO!!!
Pacino's Donors:
Karis McCutchen
Kathye Pecchioni Vicki Dykes LuLaRoe Tawnya Housel
Donna Moore Gabrielle Shumpert Rachelle Heiner
Julia Stripling April Delaney April Delaney
Alejandra Mileo Catherine Brueggen Jane Bringol
Sheryl Moulden Sharon Potts Judith Rodden
Tamara Roberts

North Carolina

Name: Bubbles
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Weight: 7
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Bubbles, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Bubbles
8/5/2020 - Bubbles is doing really well right now.  Her prognosis after her relapse was very guarded because usually pups do not fair well when a relapse occurs.  She is pretty much back to her normal self, bossy and going at the others if they do something she does not approve of.  Bubbles will always need to be under the care of a specialist.  She is currently on prednisone every other day and a chemo drug every other day, which will likely be for the protocol for the rest of her time.  She sees the specialist when she is not feeling well and then every couple months for bloodwork and to make sure everything is still ok.  The chemo drug can cause other health issues, hence the reason for continued care with her specialist.

10/24/19 - Bubbles is having some GI issues again. She has been throwing up for a week or two and none of the anti-nausea meds have been helping. She had an ultrasound today and her pancreas looked inflamed and portions of her intestines looked inflamed as well. Her bloodwork was also indicative of GI issues. Her belly also filled with fluid yesterday and has not gone down. The liquid is clear and likely her body storing water. We are starting her on a round of steroids and antibiotics and will wait for the review of the ultrasound by a radiologist And some additional bloodwork and urine check. She may need an endoscopy or biopsy to get a better idea of what is going on, but we need to wait for the inflammation to go down and her to feel better before doing so.

4/15/19 – Bubbles is still the same little girl! She has been doing great on her prescription food and has not had any issues. She does still have moments where she loses her self confidence and will bite, we say she is like Jekyll and Hyde. She will also go after the other dogs if she does not want them around or is protecting a bone or toy or spot on the couch. She can also be very loving and happy and wanting all the attention she can get. She just has her moments sometimes.

7/5/16 � Bubbles is still feisty as ever. She loves to play with her foster brothers, she just isn�t so sure about humans sometimes. She can be so happy and friendly with people and want attention and then all of the sudden becomes insecure and scared and snaps. Being on her prescription food and Pepcid has taken care of all her tummy issues and she seems a bit happier now too. She is prone to bite more when she is not feeling well, which is understandable since people get cranky when they do not feel good too. She needs a home that can understand her fears and handle them and it would be great if there was another dog about her size and age to play with too.

5/4/15 - Bubbles recently had some medical issues and spent a good bit of time at the vet, but after several tests it was found that she has irritable bowel disorder. She is on Prednisone, Pepcid, Anti-Nausea medicine and a prescription diet. Thankfully this has solved her throwing up and diarrhea and she is back to her happy loving self. Although she can be happy and loving and very playful, she does have the other side of her where she has bitten. When she loses her self confidence and becomes unsure of the situation she has bitten and has drawn blood. Her foster parents have learned to read her behaviors to know when this may happen and have worked around it. She does better one on one with people instead of having multiple people giving her attention. She does love belly rubs, playing with people and other pups, and exploring the back yard. She absolutely loves her prescription diet and tells you when you are not getting it done fast enough for her. Bubbles would do best in a home with young pups, no children, and people who understand her personality quarks and can let her grow and learn in a safe environment and do not mind the occasional snap when she becomes unsure of the situation or unsure of herself.

5/22/2014 - Bubbles loves chilling in a nice comfy bed or on the couch, running around the yard with the other pups yelling at the neighbor dogs, and on occasion plays with other pups in her foster home. She is an excellent eater and likes to chew on bones. She is a very loving and happy little girl. At times she gets a bit of an attitude and wants to only do what she wants to do and does not hesitate to let you know.

12/24/2013 - My story is the story of �The Princess to The Pauper�

In my previous life, I was the only furchild of a single, elderly lady who loved me unconditionally. We did everything together�went to the post office, watched tv, ate dinner and slept in the bed! When my Mom passed away, I was given to her daughter and grandson to live. This is where things got a little tricky.

I had become so accustomed to my simple-spoiled life that I had a hard time adjusting. I just didn�t like all the commotion associated with young people coming and going in and out of the house. I was afraid and wanted my simple, quiet, spoiled rotten life back�as one can understand.
After two months, I was given up on, thrown out and taken to the local animal shelter. So as you can see, I went from �The Princess to The Pauper�.
Things got much worse for me at the shelter because I was put into a single 4x6 room with concrete floors and cylinder block walls. I was terrified, so terrified in fact that I growled at the animal control officers and would try to bite them. They labeled me �Devil Dog�.

Thank goodness Yorkie Haven Rescue learned of my terrible situation and came to rescue me. I was given to my Foster Mommy in a crate and driven straight to my Foster home. Foster Mommy took me outside and let me out of my crate. I jumped straight in her lap, tail wagging, and placed a big ole wet kiss right on her nose!

Foster Mommy says I am a good girl, very loyal and protective. She also calls me an alpha female, whatever that means! I went to the dogtor the next day and had a perfectly clean bill of health. The next day we were off to the groomer to get a nice bath and haircut. Whew! I feel like a new woman!!!
In my Foster home there are two other female yorkies and a 2 year old human child, all three of which I am NOT A FAN! I would prefer to be the only baby in the house...that means no other doggies or children to take away from my attention.

If you are looking for a lifelong, loyal, lapdog- I am the girl for you!

Sending you tail wags and kisses!
Bubbles's Donors:
Judith Dennison
Debbi Hooks Dean Nancy Leicht Rhonda Jackson
Cynthia Hayes Bobby & Maria Davidson Steve Anzalone
Scott Quinn Dawn Berg Vicki Dykes
Kanita Larkins Henri Chen Dalanie Edgington
Katie Rosebraugh Cyndi Houseman Nancy Leicht
Pam Buckner Kanita Larkins Theresa McCauley
Patricia & Nuri Gonzalez=Powell Lucy Hall Terri Duffy Puma
Brenda Van Valen Richard Decosta Sherri Stenberg
Janis Kuykendall

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Fiona
Gender: Female
Age: 7 months
Weight: 5
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $600

For more information on Fiona, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Fiona
5/13/21 - It has been a while since our last update, but we have been waiting on some test results before updating everyone. Unfortunately the news for Fiona is not good. Back in February her bile acids were slightly elevated so we wanted to give the device a little more time in case it had not closed enough, so in April they were redone. The prepandial number was 130 and postprandial was 154. We wanted to make sure this was accurate and redid the bile acids on 5/10 and the postprandial is now 285. A normal dog would have the prepandial between 0 and 14.9 and postprandial between 0 and 29.9, so you can see 285 is very high. This is leading us to believe that Fiona is one of the 3% to 7% of dogs that have their bodies produce additional shunts to make up for the one that has been closed.

Fiona is scheduled for a CT scan on Monday so they can check and see what is going on. Once this is performed we will determine next steps for Fiona. We do know she will likely need to stay on medicated food and her current medications for the rest of her life. Luckily at this time you would not even know her levels are this high. She is a VERY playful and happy little pup. We say she is making up for lost time from when she was sick as a young pup. She loves everyone and wants to play with every dog she comes in contact with.

2/25/2021 - Today the surgeon called with the results of Fiona’s follow up visit.  Unfortunately it was not the news we were hoping for.  Her bile acid test showed after eating her level is still too high.  There are a couple reasons this could be happening.  We have decided to recheck again in two months and keep everything as is during that time.  So she will remain on prescription food and current medications for now.  If in two months it is still too high, then we will determine next steps to see if we can find out what is causing the elevated levels.  This means Fiona will not be ready for her new home for another couple months.

2/15/21 - Fiona has been doing great since having surgery. She is like a new puppy!! She has been driving her foster sister crazy wanting to play ALL the time and therefore could use another pup her size to play with. She is 7 months old, weighs 5 pounds and is learning to ask to go outside to potty. Her follow up with full workup is at the end of the month. Once we get the all clear from her specialist we will schedule her for her spay and to remove any baby teeth and then she will be ready for her new home. She is a very happy loving little girl.

Fiona had her surgery on Monday and was discharged from the hospital today. She is doing very well but not happy with her restrictions! :) She is feeling great and wants to run, but she needs to rest for now. We are, of course happy that she is doing so well!
Thank you so much for all of your donations, well wishes and prayers.

11/23/2020 - Fiona's surgery today went well. Please keep her in your thoughts for a speedy recovery.

11/16/2020 - Fiona is a precious 4 month old puppy who was surrendered to Yorkie Haven Rescue on 11/5/2020 with symptoms of a possible liver shunt.

She spent 24 hours in the hospital and was discharged on 11/6/2020 with medications and instructions to be seen by Internal Med on 11/9/2020.

She woke up Monday, 11/9/2020 acting extremely neurological, including stumbling and falling over, head pressing, walking along walls, and she could not see or hear. She was admitted to the hospital that morning. After being stabilized, a CT Scan was done and, as suspected, she does have a portosystemic shunt (liver shunt) which is operable.
She was discharged from the hospital on 11/10/2020 and must be stabilized on medications for two weeks prior to surgery which is scheduled for 11/23/2020.

So far, her vet bills have totaled $2238.79 and estimate for surgical repair is $3000 - $4500. She does already have $1775 towards our goal of $6,000! That was through Facebook and our website donations.

We realize it is a lot to ask … 2020 has been a rough year for everyone and SO many of you have been so generous. We simply could not say no to Fiona and pray we will be able to raise the much needed funds for her surgery.

Please remember it is not the amount. We are thankful for any and all donations. Dollars add up!

11/6/2020 - Fiona came to us with symptoms of a possible liver shunt. She was head pressing, falling down and acting like she could not see or hear. She spent the last 24 hours in Emergency and her bile acid test did come back very elevated indicating a liver shunt. She has been discharged this evening with RX food and antibiotics, Lactulose and anti seizure meds. . She will be seen by IMED on Monday for further tests and referral for surgery.

We are setting a fundraising goal of $5000 which may change a bit as we go along . Her bill overnight was $1,300 so we do think the end bill will be more than the goal we have set.
Prayers and donations appreciated.
Fiona's Donors:
Lori Hauser Londre
Sharon Ann Medina Nancy Leicht Laura May Oliphant
Sandy Adcox Saburn Brenda Van Valen Scott Quinn
Josh Litton Josie Blanco Eve Mucci
Linda Baldree David Nice Stephanie Massie
Kerstin Lemke Sew Fresh, LLC Angela Heath
Kathleen Smith Marilyn Randall Bobby & Maria Davidson
Donna Moore Susan Stainback Margaret Pickens
Bobbie Wheat Wendy Carter Nancy Leicht
Stephanie Slack Diana Levin Gary & Denise King
Yoneyama Rumiko Patti Day-Backman Mary Stone
Mary Swearingen Jerald Rogers Anne Rolecki
Linda Dubois Gina Perez Karis McCutchen
Karel Lucander Sharon Vereb Tracy Cunningham
Sherry Helsel Regina Villarreal Antoinette Lowery
Cindy Beach Rachelle Heiner Sheryl Moulden
Barbara French Karen Roberts Preeth Sangavaram
Katie Rosebraugh Stephen Ridgill Lynn Ricards
Susan Ellison Elaine Kimberley Valerie Engel
Ioana Tutuianu Lisa Bridgewater Itzi LLamas
Maria Perez Debora Cory Hardy Brenda Cadogan
Lisa Denman Josh Lytton Rick DeCosta
Patty Morrison Deanna Marie Simone Hannah Garritt
John Keady Lauretta Griffin Denise Ortiz
Patricia Willis Robert Maiellaro Melissa Olsaver
Judith McClure Todd Nobles Marilyn Loden
Belinda Boyd Jaqueline Doucet Amanda McCullough
Tom Bizzell Ioana Tutuianu Shahida Akther
Shahida Akther Kerstin Lemke Venice Grant
Kerstin Lemke Henri Chen Elizabeth Stevens
Stephen Ridgill Brenda Van Valen Sharon Davis
Linda Baldree Sujata Gooljar Patti Day-Backman
Nancy Leicht


Name: Baxter
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Weight: 6.8
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Baxter, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Baxter
6/12/2021 - ADOPTION PENDING!!

3/17/2021 - Baxter has been having some issues with his right front leg with intermittent limping. After being seen by a vet and x-rayed , we were surprised to find that he had a previous injury and had surgery with pins placed in his right elbow!  He has been put on Metacam and has shown some improvement. He must remain on this medicine daily.

He is a bit of a pill with housebreaking and wears a belly band. 

He is a very active, happy boy who really needs a playmate, preferably female.

3/23/2020 - Baxter is doing fantastic! We have found that he can be very pushy with other males. He would probably do best with another female pup or two. He loves to play and loves to run in the yard and chase squirrels and lizards!
He is a stinker about marking in the house so he will need to wear belly bands. Perhaps in time it might be better, but we never guarantee that.
He is a sweet little cuddly boy who loves to sleep snuggled up with his foster mom.
He knows how to sit, down and roll over! Cute as a bug. :)

11/5/2019 - UPDATE! Baxter's exam and x ray went well. His leg is healed and we can schedule him for his dental and neuter! We are SO excited for Baxter and SO happy we were able to save his leg. Thank you to all who donated towards his surgery and care!

10/24/2019 - Baxter is recovering well from his surgery. He will have xrays in a few more weeks to make sure the healing is complete. Then, a dental and neuter and he will be ready for his furever home! He is a happy go lucky boy who would love to have at least one other fur sibling who hopefully would love to play!

9/14/2019 - Baxter's surgery is scheduled for September 18th. Prayers appreciated.

9/4/19 - Hello Everyone. My name is Baxter, and I am a new resident at Yorkie Haven Rescue. In my previous home, there was an unfortunate incident in May and my back left leg was broken. My family was unable to get the surgery that I desperately needed. A vet put a splint on it, but it never healed. A family friend found Yorkie Haven Rescue and they agreed to help me. They say a wonderful lady who loves yorkies paid for my long trip to Houston; and, a very nice man who also loves yorkies flew with me. He was a lot of fun and very kind to me on my long journey even taking me to Starbucks for a Puppacino. It was yummy!

They say my leg is pretty messed up and that I will need bone grafting and a plate in my leg. I am hoping that the doctor can repair my leg, so I would love it if anyone reading this would say some prayers that it is still able to be fixed.

After I have surgery and all the other vetting that I need, I hear that YHR is going to be looking for a home for me where I will be very spoiled.

I am a lap baby and would love a home that either mom or dad are home a lot and want to spend time watching tv with me, talking short walks, playing outside, playing inside and napping with me. I also like going for car rides

I'm a little timid with loud noises. But I'm such a tiny little tyke big noises or too much chaos scares me. A home that is relaxed and laid back with a human or humans who love to cuddle would be right up my alley. I've been around small children, but a home without them would be better for me since I'm so small and get underfoot.

I hear that we are currently accepting applications for my new parent(s), but it will be a little while before I can join them. I have to be neutered, get a dental, and the main thing, fix my leg. Don't forget, say some prayers for me. I'll say some for you too.

Kisses, Baxter!

Baxter's Donors:
Patricia & Nuri Gonzalez-Powell
Kerri Provenza Nancy Leicht Kristi Gundling Moran
Kathleen Elfers Scott Quinn Christy Jo Lightfoot
Henri Chen Catherine Brueggen Judith McClure
Kerstin Lemke Karen Walker Jessica Lopez
Steve Anzalone Margie Pickens Jeanie Geer
Bobby & Maria Davidson Katie Rosebraugh Sue Hegdahl
Carrie Schadle Kim Pappas Paulette Poshan
Connie Davis Nancy Stevens Cheryl Hockstadt Guerra
Regina Francise Villarreal lIrina Zelichenko Debbie Young
Jane Bringol Sandy Azoian Hutchinson Dalanie Edgington
Donna Hoblack Lucy Hall Claudia M Guler
Cindy Wilson Rachelle Heiner Andrew & Judith Burgess
Sandra Richard Naquin Terri Simmons Evans Patti Day-Backman
Brenda Van Valen Lila Turner Linda Robson
Cathy Willis Karen Wilder Debbie Oistad
Sheny Allen Allison Schemnitzer Kerstin Lemke
Sheryl Moulden Veronica Rodriguez Kerstin Lemke

Name: Cash
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Weight: 18
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Cash, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Cash
8/26/2920 - Cash's recent blood work was normal!! He is doing very well. To read more about him, scroll down to the post of 2/10.

7/28/2020 - Cash is on one more round of antibiotics due to elevated white count. Urine culture was negative. If this round of antibiotics does not clear this he will be referred to specialist.

6/23/2020 - UPDATE: Cash was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening and is doing well, eating and taking his medications. His liver enzymes dropped and one is actually in normal limits. They are thinking all of this was due to an infection. He will be following up with our vet. At this time they don't think liver biopsies are needed!

6/20/2020 - Cash had an ultrasound today that revealed multiple liver nodules and gall bladder inflammation. His lab studies continue to be abnormal. He was admitted to the Emergency Dept at the specialty hospital and will remain there until Monday when they will transfer him to Internal Med Service.

He has not eaten well this past week and is generally just not feeling well.

His bill at this point is $3736 and that is not including the past week at the general vet; so his costs are rising.
ANY donation is greatly appreciated to help us help Cash.

6/15/2020 - Cash began feeling ill this weekend. His foster mom took him to the Emergency Clinic today and he was found to have anemia, infection of unknown origin and elevated liver enzymes. Also elevated bile acids. He is being referred to Internal Med Specialist for ultrasound of his liver. We will update as we know more.

2/10/2019 - Hi, my name is Cash and I'm from Texas. Yep, a Texas sized Yorkie with a Texas sized bark. Still a lover though. You kind of have to hear my bark to believe it is coming out of this little body. I think someone mixed a little raspy doberman in my vocal cords. So, don't expect any cute Tinkerbell tunes to be coming out of this body. Speaking of my body, since I'm getting a little up in age, I was having some trouble at night when I was sleeping with wetting myself. It was so embarrassing and all the other dogs would just get up and move away from me. I talked to foster mom about it and she and the vet started me on something called Proin and now I wake as dry as the Sahara Desert. Whew! No more getting made fun of.

12/16/2018 - Cash is a "diamond in the ruff". When he was originally picked up, he was covered in fleas and his hair was terribly matted. He was shaved down and had pretty rough looking skin. His skin has improved and he is looking to much better. Just wait until his hair grows back in! :)

12/16/18 - Cash had his surgery to remove the bladder stones on 11.27.18 and has recovered well from that surgery. He is now on a prescription diet to hopefully prevent further stone formation. We are still waiting on the report on the type of bladder stones. He had a bladder infection that was cleared with antibiotics. He is having some issues with occasional nighttime incontinence so we are working to figure out the cause of that. He wears a belly band and does not seem bothered by it at all.

Cash is a very pleasant pup who gets along well with his foster siblings. He loves to snuggle in bed at night.

11/26/2018 - 11:00 AM - Cash was given away online to a lady who ended up taking him to a vet only to find out that she could not afford him due to all of his presenting medical needs. She reached out to us since he needed immediate surgery. He also has flea dermatitis and dry eye. She told us he was covered with fleas when she got him. She treated him for the fleas and did get some meds for him and also medicated shampoo for his horribly irritated skin.
He is presently at our vet being prepped for surgery. As we know more about Cash we will update his bio.

Cash's Donors:
Linh Dao
Linda Baldree Vicki Dykes Dakota Henderson
Brenda Van Valen Katie Rosebraugh Karen Kim
Sherry Orr Judi Adams Sharon Davis
Jackie Pittenger Bobby & Maria Davidson Nancy Leicht
Wendy Hicks Scott Quinn Andrea E. Brown
Anita Ruthenberg Rhonda Jackson Linda Baldree
Sharon Davis Judith Graham Burgess Lisa Bridgewater
Melissa Meyers Brenda Van Valen Karis McCutchen Beard
Karen Feese Fratesi Lee Kosina Patty Day-Backman
Robert Maiellaro Lorna Yisel Marrero Pomales Judith McClure
Cyndi Houseman Rick DeCosta

Pictures Videos
I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Daisy
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Weight: 7
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Daisy, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Daisy
6/9/2021 - Our sweet foster pup, Daisy, is with the angels now.
While we are sad to let her go, we know she is whole now. In spite of her many health challenges, she was a happy girl and very loved by her foster family.
She will be missed.

6/1/2021 - Daisy is in failing health. She is comfortable and happy; but we know that it is a matter of time when we will have to say farewell.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

12/8/2020 - Daisy is in stage 2 renal failure. She also has a heart murmur. She is stable ... requires careful vet management.

7/11/2020 - Daisy is a special needs pup. She has allergies, IBD, and is in early stage renal failure.
She is well controlled on medications and prescription foods.

September 18, 2019 - Daisy is now on prednisone daily for IBD. She is eating RX foods now and doing very well!

August 31, 2019 - Daisy, just can't catch a break. She was initially improving after the last hospitalization; but then started having issues last week. She has been in and out of the vet. She refused food last night and this morning, so she was back at the vet this morning and her blood work once again had abnormalities. Her vet referred her to Gulf Coast Veterinary Internal Medicine and Critical Care where she was admitted
She will be there for 3 - 5 days. Hopefully, we can get her to where she is feeling better and find a food she can tolerate. That has been a huge issue. She has renal issues, IBD and pancreatitis so finding the right diet is beyond challenging.
Estimate for 36-48 hours is $2462
Donations and prayers so appreciated~

August 17, 2019 - After two days of fluids, Daisy is feeling better. We are having to change her diet again.
In spite of all of her medical issues, Daisy is a very happy and friendly pup! She loves to go out shopping!

August 16, 2019 - Daisy is back in the hospital today on IV fluids. She has pancreatitis. Will update as we know more. Prayers and donations appreciated.

August 7, 2019 - Daisy's biopsy came back with a diagnosis of IBD. Meds and a diet change are the current plans. She is doing well at present!

July 30, 2019 - Daisy had an endoscopy this morning. We will have biopsy reports in 5-7 days. Her stomach looked fine but there was inflammation in the small intestine.

July 25, 2019 - Daisy has been seen by her internist and an endoscopy has been scheduled.

July 12, 2019 - Daisy was discharged from the hospital today and will be following up with the specialist in 10 - 14 days. Her blood work was much better, she is now well hydrated and the bloody stools have ceased. She is eating well which is a good sign! She is on multiple meds for her gastrointestinal issues. Thank you to everyone for your donations and kind messages and prayers for Daisy. Thankfully nothing awful was seen on her xrays and ultrasound...she will probably need further testing in the future but for now they want her to recover from this latest issue.

July 10, 2019 - Daisy was admitted today to ICU at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists with a diagnosis of HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) and secondary pancreatitis. Daisy has multiple medical issues that have made adoption difficult. We do not have a "furever ours" program because we believe there is always a home for each pup. Sometimes it takes longer to find the right home and sometimes it doesn't come; but, our foster homes know that and take in pups fully aware of this. Our foster homes are thoroughly screened just like our adopers so our foster pups are in great hands always! Daisy has a history of gastro issues and is on a very low fat diet, she is on meds for allergies, and she has PLN (protein losing nephropathy). She now has a grade 2 heart murmur which was just picked up today. She was seen one month ago and did not have that. The plan for Daisy is: Xrays, blood work, echocardiogram and cardiology consult, ultrasound of abdomen, blood work being done.

6/4/18 - Daisy would really love to be the only furbaby in the home. She doesnt have much to do with the other pups in her foster home, but can sometimes be snippy with them depending on her mood and their personality. This alone would make her best as an only pup.She eats well, but must remain on a Hills ID low fat diet. She would probably love to sleep in the bed with her humans when an only pup; but, for now seems to choose the bed at times and other times a dog bed on the floor or even a crate. We think this is to get away from the other dogs.She has been around children and is fine around them, but not too young to where they dont understand how to respect her space. She is great with all people, but sometimes can take a little while to warm up.She absolutely loves to play fetch. If your throwing arm is ready, she can fetch all day long. Daisy is good about doing her business outside or on a pee pad, but because of the positioning of her leg, when tinkling on the pad, she seems to over estimate and there is tinkle around the edges of the pad. You've got to give an A for effort though.\\r\\n\\r\\n

Daisy does fine on a leash but would prefer to have her own back yard of privacy over being walked to have to go. She is the best in the department of clingy/independent. At times she will literally want to lay on top of you and other times wants to be by herself. Again, we think she would really come around to being a clingy baby if she is the only one.She wouldnt be good as an apartment pup since she will bark at noises or if she thinks she needs to alert you to something or protect you. When picking Daisy up, she will scoot from you. This is where her timid side comes in, so someone will have to realize that even though you would be getting a gorgeous little girl that is a sweetheart, you might have to not push yourself on her and just give her the space and patience to come around to you. Shes been through a lot and sometimes these things stick with these babies awhile. Always a soft voice and gentle demeanor and calm house makes the most timid babies come out of their shell. She can utilize a bench or steps to get on the sofa or bed or you can just do it the old fashioned way and put her up and down.She is doll baby for grooming which is really great since her hair is so beautiful.Now to give you the medical update on Daisy: She has allergies at times and she is on Cytopoint injections for that which has really helped. At present they are lasting about 2 months, but that could change to being needed monthly. It is really important to keep her on the Hill ID Low fat. She had some bloody stool episodes and the diet has seemed to do the trick. Daisy also is in Stage 1 of Renal Disease.She is doing fine and could live a long life, but please realize that by adopting Daisy, you will not be getting a young, bouncy, totally healthy puppy. You will truly be rescuing a dog in need that actually isn't on her last legs. She might have medical issues, but she is a great pup that eats great, sleeps great, is awesome for grooming, will let you shower her with attention, but wont demand to be the most important part of your day all day long. One who really needs a human(s) take care of her and let her make you laugh. Her allergy injections and diet do make her a little more expensive than the next yorkie up for adoption, but who doesnt have a few things going on. Daisy will give you daily love and attention if you are in need of someone to share your life.

1/24/17 - Daisy just got back from an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to see how all was going with her leg. He said that she is healed and ready to go. So...... she trotted right home and packed her bags. Wow, talk about wanting a new family. Lol As you have likely read, Daisy's leg was such in the beginning that we did not even think it could be fixed. But, much to our amazement, she does not have that pretzel of a leg any longer. The surgical procedure that had to be done to untwist it, has resulted in that leg being shorter than her other back leg. She has the stealth look of a GSD with the low back. The best part is that she can use the leg now and can scratch the itches she couldn't scratch before. When running, she chooses to lift it. We assume this is habit from so many years of not being able to use it. But, if just walking, she uses all four.Daisy LOVES to play fetch and will do so all day. Her motto, If you have the time, I have the stamina. And latex squeaky balls are her fetch of choiceShe can be quite the diva with other pups, so being an only pup in the house would be ideal so as not to have any spats.She will use pee pads, and almost always gets on the pad, lol. She also goes outside each time she is brought.\She likes to sleep in bed with her people, rides well in a car, is a hearty eater and, as you can see by her photos, will be the prettiest daughter anyone could ever have.So, with all this being said, Daisy is fixing to get her teeth cleaned and then she will truly be ready to go. Please look at this pretty face, look past her flaws and give this baby a chance at a life that she obviously did not have to start off. She prays for a family every night. Who will make her prayers come true?\

12/5/2016 - Daisy has been on a prescription diet and is doing well. There have been no GI flare ups. Her recent blood work was improved...will be testing again in another month. At this point, no further testing is being suggested by the specialist.

10/3/2016 - Daisy was hospitalized in ICU a little over a week ago with HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) and probable PLE as her protein levels were low. She is on a low fat diet and will be seeing the specialist in another week for follow up blood work. If her protein levels are still low, she likely will have an endoscopy to pinpoint the cause of the protein loss). We will update as we know more. She is currently stable and doing well.

6/13/16 - While Daisy is a love of a pup, she does have issues with other pups. We are looking for her to be the queen of her castle.

4/10/2016 - While out in the bluebonnets taking photos a rainbow appeared! Daisy and her foster mom made a wish for Daisy's perfect furever home to appear! She has had some issues with her leg and is in a splint; but it is a minor setback. The implants had to be removed from her leg and one small area needed further attention and healing. She will be seeing the surgeon at the end of the month and we are hoping she will be completely healed at that time.Don't let that stop you from completing her application as it does take some time to process applications!
10/31/2015 - Daisy is doing well with her physical therapy. If you click on Videos under her photo, you can see her on the treadmill at Gulf Coast Vet Specialists Physical Therapy Dept. She walked on her leg for 10 minutes this past week! Her ears are being treated for a yeast infection. At this time they seem to be responding to treatment. There is some tissue overgrowth but our vet thinks she may be fine since the ear canal is still there. She has clearly had issues with her ears in the past. Most likely she has allergies, but is not yet showing symptoms in her foster home. The surgeon will also be looking at her ears.

10/22/2015 - Daisy\\\'s leg has healed well and she started Physical Therapy yesterday to learn how to use it. She will be going to PT twice/week for 6 - 8 weeks and is getting stretching exercises at home. She is already trying to use the leg in certain conditions, so this is all very exciting! Prior to her surgery, that leg was completely unusable! She can actually scratch herself now!
9/14/15 - Daisy's leg wrap and her sutures were removed today. Dr. Beale is very happy with her progress. She looks great and will go back the first week of October...more than likely she will be starting physical therapy at that time.

9/4/2015 - Daisy had a very extensive surgery. Dr. Beale had to cut the tibia and femur and put plates in. Her knee cap was on the back side of her knee. There was a lot of scar tissue and overall a very long and tedious surgery but he feels confident that she will do just fine! She may need some physical therapy in the future but for now, it is rest and recuperation for her. She will be on crate rest for 6 - 8 weeks, with leash walking only for potty time. Many thanks to all for the prayers and good thoughts for Daisy!
9/2/2015 - Daisy was surrendered by her owner to a local shelter who contacted us to take her in. They were concerned because of her inability to use her left hind leg.We are posting photos and a video of Daisy''s leg to show what this baby has had to endure for most of her life. She also has had repeated ear issues...they will be taking a better look at them when she is under anesthesia. Daisy was taken to see Dr. Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston and will be having surgery on her leg on Friday. He said that this leg is like this because she had knee issues as a puppy before her growth plates closed; so her knee is very twisted and the bones are out of alignment. This will be an extensive surgery as there will be a lot of scar tissue in there; but she will be able to use her leg after this surgical correction! We were very excited to hear that this could be done! Of course, this type of surgery does not come without a price....her estimated surgery bill is $4,300. Anything you can do to help us save Daisy's leg will be so appreciated!
Daisy's Donors:
Yorkie & Small Dog Rescue
Lauren Leavitt Valerie Leavitt Donna Moore
Sira Pineiro Lorie Reyes Angelo Cuva
Jacqueline Lawson Brenda Van Valen Jeanie Geer
Marcella Strub Nancy Leicht Cynthia McNeil
Tenile Luttenegger Judith J McClure James & Sheila Leverentz
Vicki Dykes Rosely Thomas Sharon Davis
Stephen Ridgill Sharon Lewis Lisa Edwards
Kanita Larkins Carla & Yazmin Chamberlain Alejandra Mileo
Nancy Leicht Kathleen Mills Kanita Larkins
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Katie Rosebraugh Debbie Yates Kathleen H Alston
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Nidia Vodanovich Kelly Cuttitta Judith McClure
Sherry Bruning Bobby & Maria Davidson Karen Fratesi
Becky Olaivar-Praznovsky Sandy Dillion Audrey Clair
Linda Baldree Cheryl Hockstadt Guerra Betty Carr
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Nancy Leicht Lisa Edwards Henri Chen
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Kerstin Lemke Henri Chen Sharon McGlone
Kerstin Lemke Henri Chen Kerstin Lemke

Name: Harley
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 6.9
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Harley, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Harley
June 11, 2021 - Harley was seen at the vet today and diagnosed with a collapsed trachea. He had started coughing recently when barking and/or playing. He has been started on medications for 2 weeks and then will be re-evaluated.

6/27/2020 - We have found that Harley needs a Cytopoint injection every 4 - 6 weeks for allergies/itching. He also needs to be bathed weekly.

3/30/2020 - We have found that Harley has recurrent skin
issues/allergies. Cytopoint has helped the itch, but his hair gets super oily only a few days after a bath. We are trying different shampoos to see what may work.

1/27/2020 - Well, this is one we in rescue have heard so many times. Girl gets yorkie and he is her baby, girl gets married years later and has human baby, and the four legged baby must go. :(

Unfortunately for Harley, the date they chose to let him go was Thanksgiving. We have promised Harley that his next Thanksgiving will be full of love, belly rubs, kisses and treats with a family that will never give him up.

Harley is a sweet boy and sleeps on a pillow next to his foster mom's head. He gets along well with the easy going pups in the house, cuddling with a couple of them from time to time. He tends to be a bit nervous around a lot of activity, so we are looking for a quiet household.

He is very good about going outside to go to the bathroom and comes right back inside. He goes to the door and looks at his foster mom to let him out. Keep in mind that sometimes they do have accidents and things can vary from home to home so don't expect perfection in the housebreaking department!

Harley does have some skin issues due to allergies. This was reported to us when he was surrendered. He recently had some issues and responded well to Cytopoint.

His teeth were a mess when he came to us and a dental was done where he ended up losing 22 teeth. He recovered quickly and eats very well! He is on canned food with some water mixed in.

Harley's blood work looked very good. He does not seem to have any issues other than allergies ... oh, and he does have luxating patellas which is common in yorkies. Best to keep him from jumping up and down on things. Harley walks up steps to his foster mom's furniture!

This is a charming little guy with a whole lot of love to share with someone. <3

1/3/2020 - Harley is a 10 year old owner surrender.
Harley's Donors:
Nancy Leicht
Scott Quinn Terry Romero Corkhill Julie Richard
Lorie Rothman Terri Duffy Puma Jose Gonzalez
Rob Hall LucyHall Heather Frank
Katie Rosebraugh Pam Bunn Louis DiBernardo
Karin M Holt Ed Guise Karen, Jaxxon Kit & Minnie Pearl Walker
Vickie Moore Vickie Moore

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Tiny
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Weight: 6
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Tiny, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Tiny

4/9/2021 - Tiny was having diarrhea at night and after tests were done his vet put him on hydrolyzed dog foid and a low dose if prednisone which has proven to be the perfect fix!
Because he had such a severe reaction to anesthesia we have decided not to have a dental done. He is eating well and not having any issues. He us simply too high risk for anesthesia.

3/13/20 - Tiny had some problems with anesthesia so his dental was not done. He will be seen by a specialist to evaluate and make a decision of what to do about his teeth.

1/27/2020 - If you are looking for a senior with a lot of love to give, Tiny is your man! We are SO happy to have been able to save this precious boy!

He is still being treated for hookworms (second round of treatment) and then we will be checking his bloodwork again to see if we can proceed with his dental. Poor little guy has such awful teeth. He is on canned food with water added and eats like a champ! He gets so excited at meal time! We imagine it will be even better once those awful teeth are gone.

He does sleep a lot due to his age, but when awake he is a happy little guy who gets around just fine. He doesn't ask to go outside but his foster mom takes him out every couple of hours and he immediately goes to the bathroom as soon as his feet hit the ground! He has had a couple of accidents but only because he was not taken out when he needed to be....he needs to go outside right after he wakes up and after he eats!

His vision is probably limited because he has some cataracts and atrophy of his irises; but, he can see to get around.

He cowers a bit when approached. Not sure if this is due to his limited vision or something in his past history. He clearly was not cared for at least in recent years. He is starting to come to his foster mom when she calls him by name.

He sleeps in his foster mom's bed. He is picked up and put on the bed and put back down in the morning. He does not wake up early, so he doesn't attempt to get off of the bed.

We are hopeful that we can find a home where Tiny will be loved for the rest of his life...he may have many years left. We surely hope so because we would love to make up for the neglect he suffered previously.

1/12/2020 - Tiny is coming along. Poor guy had hookworms on top of everything else. He just had his 3rd day of treatment and he is perking up quite a bit! We are sure this is what caused his anemia. He was sleeping a lot but much more alert now! He loves to go outside! We will get some pics of him walking around.
Once he is better and blood work is improved, he will have a much needed dental.
Thank you for helping us save this little man!

1/6/2020 - Tiny did have some alterations in his blood work He was anemic but it could be due to having fleas. He is eating well. We are going to give him a couple of weeks to eat and rest and then will repeat labs. He also is on antibiotics.

1/3/2020 - Tiny was going to be taken to a shelter by his owner when someone stepped in and picked him up and called us. He was transported to Houston yesterday and saw our vet this morning.
Some of what he has that we know of are the following:
skin infection, cataracts and atrophy of the irises, luxating patellas, ear infection, ear mites, small cyst on head, loose and terribly infected teeth and he is underweight.
We will know more tomorrow when we get blood and urine results.
Tiny's Donors:
Irina Zelichenko
Mary Gingi Crespo Labinsky Lisa Rynearson Sonja Harris
Nancy Leicht Stephanie M Spatz Sherrie Allen Neill
Wendy Lewis Hicks Robin Mayer Cyndi Houseman
Steve Anzalone Mary McClatchey Lisa Allnutt Edwards
Patti Day-Backman Steve Anzalone Michelle Torres
Katie Rosebraugh Kerstin Lemke Pam Bunn
Susan Bray Stainback Debora Cory Hardy Melissa Meyers
DeAnna Marie Simone Josie Blanco Brad von Readen
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Shawn Dunham
Kerstin Lemke Valerie Engel Karen, Jaxxon Kit & Minnie Pearl Walker
Kerstin Lemke Karel Lucander Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke

Pictures Videos
Name: Tiny Tim
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Weight: 5.5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Tiny Tim, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Tiny Tim
12/27/2019 - Timmy is a special needs pup. He is on a prescription diet (Royal Canin Urinary SO) and thyroid supplement. He enjoys being hand fed. We know that his gall bladder is full of stones, but he has never had any issues with them; and the specialist advised to leave it alone as long as he is not ill. He walks slower these days and needs some assistance over door jams and the like.
He sleeps cuddled up next to his foster mom.
His hair is very thin so he wears shirts for warmth. He has recurrent skin issues and needs to be bathed every couple of days in prescription shampoo.
Timmy is will go outside to pee but will still lift his leg in his foster home.
Despite all of these things, Timmy is a sweet little love of a pup and would be happy to be held 24 hours/day!

6/20/18 - Timmy had his shoulder surgery two weeks ago and is doing very well! He was seen by the surgeon and also the physical therapist yesterday and he is doing even better than expected at this point! He is definitely a little trooper! He sends lots of kisses to everyone who donated to make his surgery possible!

4/2/18 - Timmy has a stubborn skin infection. Once we get that cleared up, he will be scheduled for surgery.

3/1/18 - Little Timmy can't seem to catch a break. He started having difficulty walking with his front feet crossing and his right shoulder popping in and out; and he was falling down frequently. He was seen by our orthopedic surgeon today in Houston and he said that Timmy needs surgery on his right shoulder. He is scheduled for an arthrodesis (fusion) of his right shoulder on March 16. His other shoulder is a bit loose, but he is hopeful that with the one being repaired there will be less of a demand on it and he may hopefully not need surgery on that other shoulder.

11.16.17 - Timmy went to the vet for an exam and an xray was done and he was found to have gall stones. Photo of the xray is in his pictures. He was referred to the specialist and he went today. An ultrasound showed that he has stones in his gall bladder, liver and bile ducts. We will be doing blood work every couple of months to keep a close eye on him. He is healthy now,and blood work looks great. He may never have issues with the stones; but must be watched closely for signs of obstruction. We don't know how long he has had them...and they may never be a problem for him. He had gone to the vet for something totally unrelated.

12/5/2016 - Timmy continues to do well. He is quite the little charmer and loves to be held. He must continue his RX diet.
Timmy needs an understanding home. He likely spent much of his life outside and may never be fully housebroken. He cannot wear belly bands because of his surgery that changed the way he urinates, so the only way to protect furniture is to put a diaper on him. We think his sweet personality makes up for all. :)

3/2/15 - Timmy is doing well. He was recently checked out thoroughly and has not formed any stones. We are thinking the surgical procedure where his urethra was rerouted has fixed that issue; but an adopter must always be aware and have him checked on a regular basis.
He is on prescription food: Royal Canin Urinary SO and must remain on that.

9/19/20`4 - Timmy is back in his foster home and doing well. He will need to be watched closely to see that his blood work continues to improve. He is taking all of his meds like a champ!

9/17/2014 - Timmy is doing very well and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your prayers and donations!

9/14/2014 - Timmy (Tiny Tim) became ill overnight and was in the Emergency Clinic early this morning and then referred to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists this afternoon.

Timmy in in ICU on IV fluids and antibiotics. His liver enzymes and white count were very elevated and he had a temp of 103.7. He has a probable liver infection, but he does have stones in his gall bladder; so they cannot rule out an obstruction until further studies are done. He will have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and hopefully that will tell us more.

You all have been so generous lately with our sick girl, Lily Rose, so it is totally understood that it may be difficult for many to donate towards Timmy's vet care. If you can help, it will be appreciated. No amount is too small....if you can give up one cup of coffee for him, it will be a huge help and deeply appreciated. One thing we ask is that you please say a prayer for this precious boy.

April 16, 2014 - Timmy has been on various diets to prevent bladder stones. With the surgery he had recently it is hopeful he will never have to have surgery again. He must be seen by a vet every three months to have his urine checked and be evaluated for stones.

March 24, 2014 - Timmy had emergency surgery today to remove a bladder stone that was blocking his urethra. Because he is a recurrent bladder stone former, a scrotal urethrostomy was done to help him pass stones if they form again which is highly likely. He will remain in the hospital for a couple of days.

February 16, 2014 - Since Timmy developed bladder stones again while on a prescription diet, we have done a veterinary nutrition consult on him and have started him on a home cooked diet. Timmy will need to be checked every 3 months for bladder stones.

January 11, 2014 - Timmy had his surgery on the 8th and he is recovering well. He sends yorkie kisses to everyone who helped us pay for his surgery and those who prayed for him!!

December 24, 2013 - In spite of being on a special diet, Timmy has developed another large bladder stone. Poor baby was in pain and went to the vet this morning. Because it is not considered an emergency, he is home on pain meds and being watched. Unless he becomes obstructed, surgery will not be done until after Christmas.
Donations and prayers appreciated!

June 13, 2013 - Timmy is doing well and has put some much needed weight on!

May 31, 2013 - Timmy had his bladder surgery two days ago and is doing fine in his recovery. The stone was huge! Pictures attached.

May 28, 2013 - Timmy was kept in a cage outside and received little to no food and water and no medical treatment at all. He was brought to animal control by his lovely owners (thank goodness) and Yorkie Haven was called to see if they had room for this 3.5 lb. baby. He had his dental and lost 17 teeth and at that time, they found out he had a large bladder stone but had to wait for surgery because he was so emaciated upon arrival.

He has now put on some weight and should be good to go for removal of his bladder stone tomorrow.

Timmy is a sweet little guy who loves his people and is doing fine with the other pups in his foster home. He and his foster mom will be looking for a home for Tiny Tim that understands these little ones and someone who is ready to give him all the love, attention and comfort that he did not get in his previous home. He moving up in the world and is not looking back.

If you can help with his vetting costs, it will be so appreciated.

May 25, 2013 - BIO COMING SOON!

Tiny Tim's Donors:
Vicki Dykes
Jeanie Geer Eric Zerneke Deborah Teitelman
Leah Mercier Vicki Dykes Kathleen Meaney
Lisa Lehmann Catrina Currier Lisa Edwards
Nancy Leicht Marcella Strub Vicki Dykes
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