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These are our special little pupsters who, for one reason or another, are considered unadoptable. Our main goal is to help them to become adoptable and place them in forever loving homes. When that becomes impossible, we care for them for the rest of their lives. If you would like to contribute to the care of any of these special pups, please use the Paypal button under their names. All help is greatly appreciated.

Name: Harold
Dena Neff, Deborah Moore, Rachelle Heiner, Stephanie Hoverman
Name: Barkley
Julia Garner
Name: Louie
Susan Pickle, Jane Ross, Megan Harty, Designs by Deja, Rachelle Heiner, Citigroup Matching Gifts Program: Dena Neff,
Name: Barty
Elizabeth Boyd, Rachelle Heiner, Mala Murthy, Designs by Deja, Michelle Belaustegui,